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How does a lithium ion battery work?

Lithium-ion batteries store and release energy by moving electrons from one end of the battery to the other. We can harness the energy from those moving electrons to do work for us, like powering a drilling rig.

Lithium-ion batteries are especially useful because they are rechargeable. When the battery is connected to the charger, the lithium ions move in the opposite direction from before. When they move from cathode to anode, the battery is restored for another use. Lithium-ion batteries can also generate more electricity per unit weight than other batteries. This means that lithium-ion batteries can store the same power as other batteries, but in a lighter and smaller size.

How to fix a lithium ion battery that won't charge?

Lithium batteries have always had the characteristics of self-discharge. If they are not used for a long time and are not charged for an intermediate period of time, the self-discharge will exhaust the battery power, resulting in the battery’s voltage being too low and unable to be charged.

For low-voltage charging, use a charger with a lower voltage than the original voltage to charge. When the battery is charged to 20%, the voltage will return to the value, and then replace it with the original matching charger.

A single battery is charged, and each single battery in the battery pack is charged, but pay attention to that the voltage of the charger should be consistent with that of a single battery. This method takes a long time to restore the battery to charge.

Special charging method, using a special charger with repair function, no matter how low the voltage is caused by self-discharge, this charger can be charged into the battery. After the lithium battery is fully charged, all aspects of the battery performance have also recovered. 

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Lithium-ion battery packs are commonly used in a broad spectrum of applications, including:

  • Energy storage. Mainly used in base station power supply, clean energy storage, grid power storage, home solar storage system, etc.

  • Power class. Mainly refers to electric vehicles, electric bicycles, new energy vehicles, etc.

  • Digital consumer electronics. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electric toys, MP3/MP4, earphones, power banks, model airplanes, power banks, etc.

What is in a lithium ion battery?

1. Positive electrode – the active material is generally lithium manganate or lithium cobalt oxide, nickel cobalt lithium manganate material, and electric bicycles generally use nickel cobalt lithium manganate or ternary + a small amount of lithium manganate, pure lithium manganate and iron phosphate Lithium is gradually fading out due to its bulkiness, poor performance or high cost.

2. Separator is a specially shaped polymer film with a microporous structure that allows lithium ions to pass freely, but electrons cannot.

3. Negative electrode – the active material is graphite, or carbon with a similar graphite structure, and the conductive current collector uses an electrolytic copper foil with a thickness of 7-15 microns.

4. Organic electrolyte – carbonate-based solvent in which lithium hexafluorophosphate is dissolved, and gel-like electrolyte is used for polymers.

5. Battery shell – divided into steel shell, aluminum shell, nickel-plated iron shell), aluminum-plastic film, etc., as well as the cap of the battery, which is also the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

Electron and li-ion more reversely at charging

Why do 18650 batteries explode?

  • Internal short circuit: Structural or workmanship defects lead to tab insertion, too little diaphragm wrapping, burrs, diaphragm discount, etc.
  • External short circuit: The explosion after combustion caused by the external short circuit of the lithium battery below 1AH is rare. Usually, it is bulging or the tab is simply blown. The personal analysis is the combustion caused by the external short circuit of the power battery or the large-capacity mobile phone battery.
  • Overcharge explosion: This is the most dangerous and most feared by enterprises, but it still occurs occasionally. From what I know, there are two points: the user does not use the matching charger as required, thereby destroying the protection circuit, and the user often charges for an unlimited time, which is difficult without frying; the 18650 lithium battery is unreasonable. And the protective plate fails, and in this case, it will also explode in a mess. Same goes for a single battery.
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How to make a lithium ion battery pack?

  1. The 18650 lithium battery packs are neatly arranged, which is helpful for easy maintenance in the future. Best to use a standard 18650 battery tray.
  2. Welding is good, and the most common welding method on the market is spot welding with a nickel welder. You can also use an electric soldering iron, and the solder joints are in good contact.
  3. After soldering, the lines of each group of batteries must be clearly arranged.
  4. Do a good job of waterproofing and insulation, it is best to cut a piece of highland barley paper or use asbestos material.
  5. The most important point, the internal resistance of the battery before welding, the current voltage error should not exceed 0.05V! If possible, add a special protection board for 18650 lithium battery pack to prevent overshoot and overdischarge.
  6. After welding, measure whether the voltage of each circuit is good.
  7. After the newly assembled lithium battery pack has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to check the voltage of the battery in groups.

18650 lithium-ion battery pack procedure as right flow chart

It includes the whole 14 steps to whole lithium battery packs. It includes cell inspection & test, solder PCB/nickel strip/cell, highland barley paper insulation, aging test, packing and delivery.

18650 lithium battery pack procedure

Manufactured to National Standard GB/T18287-2020

  • All are producing at 5S & dust free plant. Our daily production is up to 10K pieces.
automatic sorting machines
18650 battery sorting
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Chemical Test

Automatic Welding

Final Testing

  • Cell Formation & Grading
  • Temp & Hum Controller
  • Short-circuit Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Molding System
  • Automatic Welding
  • Automatic Welding
  • Final Test
  • Packing

Need Any Custom 18650 Lithium-ion Battery Pack?

You will receive the charge & discharge curve

  • 12S2P Battery Pack, It is a 5A charge & 10A discharge curve test as a sample for your review.
Lithium battery test curve

Time - voltage & current

Lithium battery test performance

Capacity - voltage

Lithium battery test curve

Time - capacity & specific capacity

Lithium battery test curve

Cycle number-charge capacity & discharge capacity & charge specific capacity & discharge specific capacity

Product & Factory Certificates

  • All batteries are require related certification apart from lab testing, such as voltage, current measure, and each countries have different certificate demand.
  • Clients are welcome to have any 3rd party certification company verify our batteries or the factory documents.
  • We have been working with UL, TUV, SGS certication lab. All batteries approved by UL1642, UN38.3, IEC62133, PSE, KC, CB, MSDS certificate or report.
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FAQ of 18650 battery pack

  • What are these PCM/BMS features?

    Lithium-ion batteries are dangerous because they requires PCM/BMS with function with overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent and short circuit.

  • What’s the lifespan of lithium battery?
    Generally, after 500 cycles (some manufacturers use 300 times)
  • How long to get samples?
    Generally, 7 days lead time for small quantity samples.

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