Top 10 Lifepo4 Cell manufacturers in China

Ranking of top 10  lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers for energy storage in 2021. In the domestic power lithium iron phosphate battery market in 2021, the largest market share is the lithium iron phosphate battery, accounting for more than 60%. The development of lithium battery manufacturers and enterprises has also surged in an instant. Today, I will introduce the ranking of lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers in 2021. The data is incomplete for reference only.

LiFePo4 cell battery

BYD Co., Ltd. was established in February 1995. It is a Hong Kong-listed company with a private enterprise background. It now has three major industries: IT, automobiles and new energy. It is a Shenzhen key company integrating research, development, production and sales. high-tech enterprises. By the end of 2008, the total assets amounted to nearly 32.9 billion yuan, and the net assets exceeded 13.3 billion yuan. BYD’s lithium-ion battery products include lithium-ion battery cells, lithium-ion battery packs, polymer lithium-ion batteries, etc., which are widely used.

BYD Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. has close cooperation with many large domestic and foreign companies, such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, TCL, etc.

The main feature of this chip is that it will monitor the voltage and current at the same time when judging whether it is full, stop charging at 4.2V, or stop charging when the charging current is less than 0.01C (usually about 50mA); completely cut off after full, no trickle floating charge , but monitor the voltage at any time, if the 18650 lithium battery voltage drops to a certain value and then start charging.

Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL) was established in 2011. The company is headquartered in Ningde, Fujian. It has core technologies for the entire industry chain of materials, cells, battery systems, and battery recycling. The company develops and produces lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, electric vehicle battery modules, electric vehicle battery systems, powertrains, large-scale grid energy storage systems, smart grid energy storage systems, distributed home energy storage systems, and batteries Management System (BMS).

Relying on ATL, CATL is headquartered in Ningde, Fujian, and has a production base in Qinghai, with a total production capacity of 1.4Gwh. Its main customers include BAIC, BMW Brilliance, Geely, FAW, CSR Times, Xiamen Jinlong, Zhengzhou Yutong and Zhongtong Bus. In 2014, CATL power battery sales revenue was about 860 million yuan, and in the first half of 2015, power battery sales revenue was about 950 million RMB yuan.

Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guoxuan Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. It was established in May 2006. The company specializes in the research and development, production and operation of new lithium-ion batteries and their materials, and has core technology intellectual property rights. The main products are lithium iron phosphate materials and cells, ternary cells, power battery packs, lithium battery management systems and energy storage lithium iron phosphate battery packs.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech is headquartered in Hefei, Anhui, and is also building new production bases in Kunshan, Nanjing and Wuhan. The industrial chain covers lithium iron phosphate battery cathode materials, cell production, BMS and PACK and other links. Guoxuan Hi-Tech’s current effective production capacity is 1.5Gwh, mainly for square and cylindrical power battery cells.

Shenzhen Desay Battery Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the lithium battery power supply industry chain for business layout: Huizhou Lanwei is mainly engaged in lithium battery power management business, Huizhou Battery is mainly engaged in lithium battery power packaging integration business, Huizhou Lanwei’s shareholding company Huizhou Yineng Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in electric vehicle power management system business.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of lithium battery power, the company’s small mobile power management system ranks first among domestic counterparts, serving the world’s top consumer electronics manufacturers; a number of technologies for electric vehicle power management systems have obtained national patents, and the products have been successfully used in the Beijing Olympics , Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Tianjin Davos Forum and other environmentally friendly electric buses.

Founded in 2002, the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wanxiang Group. The company is committed to mastering clean energy technology and developing energy-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles. In accordance with the development strategy of “battery, motor, electronic control and electric vehicle”, the company is engaged in high-power, high-energy polymer lithium-ion power battery, integrated motor and its drive control system, vehicle electronic control system, automotive engineering integration technology and Remarkable achievements have been made in the test and trial production platform.

Huizhou EVE Lithium Energy Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: EVE Energy) was established in 2001 and was listed in the first batch of Shenzhen GEM in 2009. After 21 years of rapid development, it has become a globally competitive lithium battery platform company. At the same time, it has core technologies and comprehensive solutions for consumer batteries and power batteries, and its products are widely used in the fields of Internet of Things and energy Internet. Technically supports world-class lithium battery companies, and makes creative contributions to the international lithium battery industry. Yiwei Lithium Energy has a linked R&D platform from materials, cells, BMS to systems, and brings together an interdisciplinary comprehensive R&D team such as electrochemistry, materials, machinery, electrical and electronic, and simulation. A full range of products that are safer, more reliable, and higher performance.

It is a subsidiary of Huazheng Construction Group. The company’s main products are two series of lithium iron phosphate power batteries and magnesium-based solid-state batteries. The lithium iron phosphate power battery is widely used in electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, tourism and other field vehicles, as well as hybrid buses. It is based on the advanced lithium-ion power battery preparation technology of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University of Technology. At present, the company mainly production of 8-10Ah, 20-30Ah, 100Ah, 200Ah four categories of products.

In 2009, the company cooperated with the Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Transient Optics and Quantum Laboratory of the State Key Laboratory to jointly develop a new generation of high-performance magnesium metal batteries. At present, the company mainly produces two types of 10-12Ah and 20-24Ah. product. The company’s two high-performance power battery products are both key industries supported by the national “863” plan. The products are widely used in high-tech fields such as electric vehicles, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, mining machinery, medical equipment, and military aerospace.

Tianjin Lishen was founded in 1997. It is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, focusing on the technical research and development, production and operation of lithium-ion batteries. Now it has an annual production capacity of 500 million Ah lithium-ion batteries. The products include six series and hundreds of models of round, square, polymer batteries, power batteries, photovoltaics, and supercapacitors. The application range covers personal electronic consumer products, Power tools, transportation, and energy storage. Tianjin Lishen is a lithium-ion battery manufacturer with the largest investment scale and the highest technical level in China so far. Its market share ranks among the top five in the world, and it has become a representative brand of lithium batteries in China.

The company has a registered capital of 1.25 billion yuan and total assets of 6 billion yuan. The marketing network covers Europe, North America, Asia and other countries and regions. Customers include Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Dell, HP, Nokia, TTI, SBDK, Valence, Vodafone and other international giants, as well as Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, Domestic industry leaders such as TCL have logistics centers all over the world.

As the world’s leading lithium ecological enterprise, Ganfeng Lithium’s business runs through all important links in the value chain such as upstream lithium resource development, midstream lithium salt deep processing and metal lithium smelting, downstream lithium battery manufacturing and comprehensive recycling of waste batteries, and its products are widely used. In the fields of electric vehicles, energy storage, 3C products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The company’s lithium ore resources are located in many countries and regions around the world, and it also has the industrialization technologies of “extracting lithium from brine”, “extracting lithium from ore” and “extracting lithium from recycling”; the production capacity of lithium compounds and lithium metal ranks in the forefront of the world; it has battery manufacturing and recycling capabilities Ability to provide complete raw material supply, battery customization, and waste battery recycling solutions for manufacturers of electric vehicles, batteries, and electronic equipment.

Wuhan Zhongju Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhongneng Lithium Battery) was established in 2007. It is a high-tech industrial company integrating R&D, production and sales of polymer lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicle batteries. The company’s current location is located in Wuhan, an economically developing city. Zhongneng Lithium Battery is currently the only company in Wuhan that produces lithium polymer batteries. The company’s products (Zhongneng Lithium Battery) are mainly exported, but the domestic market has gradually increased in recent years. Zhongneng lithium battery is a future-oriented new energy storage power source, which is widely used in various mobile devices, solar energy, wind energy storage, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, etc. The company has gathered outstanding talents from all aspects of polymer lithium-ion batteries at home and abroad, and established a strong R&D and management team, dedicated to providing the best power solutions for various customers.

Advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries

  • Advantage 1: The life of iron phosphate batteries has been greatly improved. Under standard charging conditions, the service life of iron phosphate batteries can reach more than seven years, and the charge-discharge cycle can reach more than 2,000 times.
  • Advantage 2: large capacity. The lithium iron phosphate battery has 2 to 3 times higher storage capacity than the lead-acid battery under the same volume.
  • Advantage 3: safety. Everyone knows that ordinary lithium batteries and polymer batteries will swell when they are used for a long time, but iron phosphate batteries can avoid this very well! It has excellent stability and is used for There will be no bulge for a long time. Unless you drop it into thousands of degrees of heat or smash the battery hard, there’s generally no accident.
  • Advantage 4: constant capacity. I believe that everyone will encounter such problems, that is, our mobile phone batteries, computer batteries, and even electric car batteries. After they have been used for a period of time, we will find that they have less power. This is because if the ordinary battery is not fully charged for a long time, the battery capacity of the battery will decrease rapidly. The feature of lithium phosphate battery is that it can be used at any time! And it will never affect its battery capacity.
  • Advantage 5: green and environmental protection. The lithium iron phosphate battery has environmental protection performance that other batteries do not have, because the battery does not contain heavy metals. Therefore, the development projects strongly advocated by the state have been applied to the field of electric bicycles or electric cars.

Need Any Custom LiFePo4 Battery?

The following is a list of lithium iron phosphate models that our company often cooperates and uses. They can be used to manufacture communication base station batteries, UPS lithium batteries, lithium lead-acid batteries, household energy storage batteries, portable energy storage power supplies, and household energy storage. systems, inverters and UPS power supplies, and photovoltaic modules. Their main voltages are 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, etc., and the main capacities used are 10Ah, 20Ah, 50Ah, 100Ah, 200Ah, etc. Their main types are square aluminum shell cells.

BrandsCell ModelDimensionCapacityWeightCharge Temp RangeMax Pulse Charge CurrentContinue Discharge Current
YuHuangLFP26148100-40Ah148.2±0.5*105.5±0.5*26.5(+1/-0)40Ah0.88±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
YuHuangLFP26148129-50Ah148.2±0.5*135.0±0.5*26.5(+1/-0)50Ah1.12±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
YuHuangLFP26148134-50Ah148.2±0.5*140.0±0.5*27.5(+1/-1)50Ah1.15±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF50F148.3±0.5*129.8±0.5*26.7±1.050Ah1.05±0.1KGT:+0~55℃1.2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF50K135.3±0.5*185.3±0.5*29.3±0.750Ah1.395±0.05KGT:+0~55℃5CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 3C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
EVELF80A130.3±0.5*170.5±0.5*36.7±0.582Ah1.68±0.05KGT:+0~55℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng48173125-100Ah173.9±0.5*132.2±0.8*48±0.5100Ah≤2.30KGT:+0~60℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF105130.3±0.5*200.5±0.5*36.7±0.5105Ah1.98±0.1KGT:+0~55℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng53173200-206Ah174.7±0.5*207.1±0.5*53.8±0.5206Ah4.18±0.20KGT:-15~55℃T:15~25℃,0%≤SOC≤60%,0.8CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF230173.9±0.5*207.5±0.5*54.0±1.0230Ah4.11±0.1KGT:+0~60℃2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng71173200-277Ah174.7±0.5*207.1±0.5*71.8±0.5277Ah5.54±0.20KGT:-15~55℃T:15~25℃,0%≤SOC≤60%,0.8CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng71173204-280Ah174.20±0.8*207.1±0.8*71.8±0.5280Ah≤5.5KGT:+0~60℃T:25±2℃,1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF280N173.7±0.3*204.8±0.5*71.5±0.5280Ah5.30±0.30KGT:0~55℃2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C

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FAQ of LFP battery

  • What’s the nominal and charge voltage?

    The LFP battery nominal voltage 3.2V, and charge voltage 3.65V.

  • What’s the main capacity of LFP battery?
    It is 5Ah, 10Ah, 20Ah, 50Ah, 100Ah and 200Ah.

  • How long to get samples?
    Generally, 7 days lead time for small quantity samples.

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