Lithium Battery 50Ah 59.2V 18650

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Lithium-ion battery pack BMS: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, temperature protection, equalization, UART communication, etc.

Application areas: AGV logistics vehicles, rail vehicles, etc.

AGV trolley refers to a transport vehicle equipped with automatic guidance devices such as electromagnetic or optical, which can travel along a specified guidance path, with safety protection and various transfer functions, and does not require a driver in industrial applications. Generally, its traveling route and behavior can be controlled by a computer, or its traveling route can be set up by using an electromagnetic path-following system.

The electromagnetic path-following system is attached to the floor, and the unmanned vehicle relies on the information brought by the electromagnetic track. To move and move, with the development of society, AGV is more and more widely used, and it is widely used in warehousing, manufacturing, post office, chemical industry, and dangerous occasions.

Especially in the automotive field. The main function of this product is to provide power energy for the AGV car. The power battery has many cycles of charge and discharge, low self-discharge rate, long service life, strong deep discharge capability, high charging efficiency, strong power, strong shock resistance, less maintenance or free. maintenance, etc. Advantages: small size, lightweight, long life, high conversion efficiency, deep charging and discharging, intelligent management, providing reliable and high-quality power energy for your system.

RS-485 protocol, low voltage alarm, power display, and protection functions such as short circuit, overcharge, over-discharge, and overcurrent.

The BMS management system is stable, with RS-485 protocol, and the small power supply controls the battery output at the beginning, replacing the air switch.

Except for the 18650 59.2V 50Ah li-ion battery pack, we can also customize 14.8V and 25.6V lithium-ion battery packs based on the final application.

We are willing to customize lithium battery packs based on technical requests.

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