902535 800mAh 3.7V Large Lithium Batteries

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Product Details

Large lithium-ion batteries specs:

As we know, the lithium battery is named by 6 digits, indicating thickness, width and length. On this page, it is HLC902535. It indicates of lithium polymer battery of a thickness of 9.0mm, a width of 25mm, and a length of 35mm. The production process of lithium-ion polymer batteries generally adopts laminated flexible packaging, so the size change is very flexible and convenient, and there are relatively many models.

Cautions of best lithium-ion battery:

  1. Notice
    The battery shall be prevented to be exposed in effulgence so as not to cause over-heated, distorted, smoke, and weaken its performance and cycle life.
  2. Electro Static-free
    There is a protective circuit inside the battery to prevent contingency. Do not use the battery in the Electro static circumstances, (above 1000V), for it is easily destroyed the circuit board so that the battery does not work and causes overheating, distortion, smoking or burning.

  3. Discharging Temperature Range
    Recommended discharging temperature range is 10~45oC, beyond which it will weaken the electrochemical performance of the battery and also shorten its cycle life.

FAQ of lithium powerpack:

  1. What’s the product warranty?
    1-year product warranty since batteries is sent out.
  2. When will you send samples?
    7~15 days after the datasheet is approved.
  3. What’s the MOQ?
    No MOQ limit. We can accept small trial orders.
  4. What testing will we do for customers?
    We will do protection against short-circuit, over-charge, and over-discharge.

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