803040 3S 1000mAh 11.1 volt Lithium Battery

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Lithium power battery description:

Lithium polymer battery is also known as lithium pouch battery. Its rated voltage 11.1V, and charge votage 14.8V.

The landing page is about 11.1V 3S1P 803040 1000mAh lithium battery pack. It is designed by 3 pieces of 803040-1000mAh cell into battery pack, so the nominal voltage increases to 11.1V, capacity remains same. It can be changed to 2 series or 4 series, or 2 parallels, 3 parallel. All are based on real demands.

Back to the protection board(PCM), it is pre-equipped with DAA/G3J IC and Mosfet to ensure electric performance. It is applied to the protection of lithium-ion batteries from overcharge, over-discharge, over current, and short circuit. It shall keep electricity performance well. They contain below items:

  1. Overcharge detection voltage
  2. Overcharge detection delay time
  3. Overcharge release voltage
  4. Over-discharge detection voltage
  5. Over-discharge detection delay time
  6. Over-discharge release voltage
  7. Operation of current consumption
  8. Over-discharge current detection
  9. Over-discharge current detection delay time
  10. Short circuit protection
  11. Short circuit detection delay time

Ref wire & connector output info, we generally come with JST, Molex, PH pre-equipped connector. They shall be paired with the customer mainboard female connector. Of course, we also deliver bare wires to the assembly factory for soldering. Most are UL3302, UL1571 AWG wires.

In a word, we produce what you want.

Lithium battery features:

  1. Small self-discharge
  2. Safety & durable
  3. The battery pack has a high cycle life and is in line with the value concepts of low carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection;
  4. Meet the safety requirements of the national standard for lithium batteries “GB31241-2014”

FAQ of large lithium batteries:

  1. What’s the best charge method?
    Please use the special chargers with the recommended charging method to charge the battery.
  2. What’s the battery quality evaluation?
    Quality evaluation composes of authoritative checks and quality consistency checks. Authoritative check is carried out on design decision, emended design and production decision. It should be confirmed by both Purchaser and Vendor on sampling proposal, check project, sequence and judgment etc., which in principle should be all included. Quality consistency checks should be divided into the lot by lot check-ups and periodical check-ups so as to test the quality steadiness during the products in production (refer to GB2828-1987 standard). The detailed check-ups compose of appearance, internal resistance, rating capacity or 1C5A discharging capacity etc.
  3. What does the safety performance testing include?
    They include over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, forced discharge, overcharge, vibration, short test, soak test, crush test, free fall.
  4. How long will customers receive samples?
    Generally, it requires 7~15 days for sampling. We will do capacity grading before adding PCM.
  5. What’s the quality guarantee?
    The period of warranty is one year from the date of shipment. HLC guarantees to give a replacement in case of battery with defects proven due to the manufacturing process instead of the customer abuse and misuse.


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