674360 3.7V 1950mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery

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smart bike device

Lithium Battery Process Work Flow

We are a professional lithium battery factory in China. Now we briefly introduce how to produce lithium batteries. It starts from cathode & anode mixing, coating, baking, calendering, automatic slitting & cutting, winding, top & side sealing, electrolyte injection, pressing formation, forming, capacity grading, OCV1 & OVC2, cell to PCB, insulation and shipping. Welcome to contact and ask for the workflow table list.

Product Details

Product number: HLC674360
Cell model: 674360/3.7V/1950mAh
Battery specification: 674360-1S1P/3.7V/1950mAh(pouch battery)
Nominal voltage:3.7V
Nominal capacity:1950mAh
Charging voltage: 4.2V
Charging current: ≤1950mA
Discharging current: ≤1950mA
Instant discharging current: 1950mA
End-off voltage: 3V
Internal resistance: ≤180mΩ
Battery weight: 35g
Product dimension: 6.7*43*60mm
Charging temperature:0~45℃
Discharging temperature: -20~60℃
Storage temperature: -20~45℃
Battery case: Aluminum plastic pouch cell
Application field: smart bike device

Lithium Battery Description:

As we know, the lithium battery named by 6 digits, indicating thickness, width and length. At this page, it is HLC804050. It indicates of lithium polymer battery of thickness of 8.0mm, a width of 40mm, and length of 50mm. The production process of lithium-ion polymer batteries generally adopts laminated flexible packaging, so the size change is very flexible and convenient, and there are relatively many models.

We can produce from 100mAh to 3000mAh lipo batteries with different dimensions. It uses soft aluminum-plastic composite packaging film. The interior is a semi-solid polymer. The performance is stable in discharge, high in efficiency and small in internal resistance. The safety performance is good, and there are overcurrent and overvoltage protection devices. The service life is about 500 charge-discharge cycles.

Quality Evaluation:

Quality evaluation composes of authoritative check and quality consistence check. Authoritative check is carried out on design decision, emended design and production decision. It should be confirmed by both Purchaser and Vendor on sampling proposal, check project, sequence and judgment etc., which in principle should be all included. Quality consistence check should be divided into lot by lot check-up and periodical check-up so as to test the quality steadiness during the products in production (refer to GB2828-1987 standard). The detailed check-ups compose of appearance, internal resistance, rating capacity or 1C5A discharging capacity etc.


  1. How long will customer receive samples?
    We will provide samples within 7~15 days, after datasheet is confirmed.
  2. What’s the MOQ?
    We can accept small trial orders.
  3. What certificates will you provide?
    We can provide MSDS, UN38.3, IEC62133, UL1642, KC, PSE certificates.

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