552566 3S 1000mAh 12V Lithium ion Battery

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Lithium-ion cell description:

It is 3 series of 552566-1000mAh cell to the battery pack. As we know, series defines to increase voltage. So after 3pcs series, the rated voltage comes to 11.1V. It keeps the same of 1000mAh capacity. We can customize to 1pc, 2pcs, 3pcs even more cell into one battery pack. They can be 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V, or 3.7V 2000mAh, 3000mAh and 4000mAh. All are based on customer unique requests.

Ref protection board(PCM), it is applied to the protection of lithium-ion battery from overcharge、over discharge over current and short-circuit. Its main organ: IC/UI, Moseft/U4. Following is our battery performance:

  • Minimal capacity: The discharge performance means the time which is measured with discharge current of 0.2C CC(constant current) with 3.0V cut-off voltage within 1 hour after full charge.
  • Cycle Life: ≥500 cycles, more than 80% at std charge/std discharge(25±2℃)
  • Storage characteristics: After the standard charge, store in 25℃ for 30days after full charge. After the standard charge, store in 60℃ for 7 days after full charge.
  • Temperature characteristics: After the standard charge, a cell is stored in an environment of a specific temperature for 2 hours, and then discharged to cut-off voltage 3.0V with a constant current of 0.2 C5A.
  • K Value Test: 25 ℃ environments, constant current constant voltage charging 0.2 C5A to 3.92±0.1V cut-off current 0.02 C5A, the high temperature45℃ for 72h. The normal temperature 25℃ for 96h.

Ref wire & connector output info, we generally come with JST, Molex, PH pre-equipped connector. They shall be paired with the customer mainboard female connector. Of course, we also deliver bare wires to the assembly factory for soldering. Most are UL3302, UL1571 AWG wires.

In one word, we made what you need.

Lipo Battery Features:

  1. Good safety performance
  2. Light-weight
  3. High voltage
  4. Good discharge characteristics
  5. Shape can be customized

FAQ of ternary lithium battery?

  • What’s the lead time of samples and bulk orders?
    It is generally delivered out 7~15 days for sampling. Generally, it is produced hand-made. Even they are at stock, it requires to do capacity grading again before adding PCM. The bulk order is around 25~30 days depending on the order quantity.
  • What’s the MOQ of mass production?
    After samples testing, we can accept trial orders of several hundred or a few thousand of orders. When everything goes well, we hope the official order can meet MOQ 5K.
  • How can I custom another model of lipo battery?
    Yes, please send the battery information to us. We will evaluate and give you the best solution and datasheet.
  • What’s your warranty? When does it start?
    The period of warranty is one year from the date of shipment. We guarantee to give a replacement in case of battery with defects proven due to manufacturing process instead of the customer abuse and misuse.

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