542850 2S 7.4V 750mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries

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HLC542850 2S

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Li-polymer battery description:

In series connection, the positive tab of one section is connected with the negative tab of the other section (generally, there are wire connections, conductive sheet connections, direct welding of tabs, etc.), and then use the remaining independent negative tabs and positive tabs of the two batteries The ears are negative and positive of these 2 strings of battery packs. Pay attention to the insulation between the independent positive and negative ears! After the series is connected, the voltage is added (7.4V), and the capacity remains unchanged (the cell was originally a 750mAh battery, and now it is still 750mAh).

The charging wiring is to connect the positive pole of the power output to the positive pole of the battery pack, and the negative pole of the power output to the negative pole of the battery pack.

Ref PCM(protection board) of battery, it contains IC chip and Mosfet to achieve safety requirement. It works for overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, interior resistance, current consumption, 0V charge, short-circuit release protection, even sleep function.

Ref wire & connector output info, we generally come with JST, Molex, PH pre-equipped connector. They shall be paired with the customer mainboard female connector. Of course, we also deliver bare wires to the assembly factory for soldering. Most are UL3302, UL1571 AWG wires.

In one word, we produce what you need.

Polymer battery features:

  • Lithium polymer battery has small self-discharge and large battery capacity
  • The polymer battery has a long life and can be customized according to customer needs
  • Polymer batteries have no memory effect and are safe

Caution of polymer batteries:

In order to prevent the battery from possibly occurs leaks, overheating, swollen, please note the preventive measure.

  1. When charge please select the lithium-polymer battery special battery charger.
  2. Strictly prohibits inverting the cathode use battery.
  3. Strictly prohibits directly connect battery to power source plug.
  4. Please do not throw the battery to water or put into heater.
  5. Strictly prohibits plunging the battery in sea water or water, when battery do not use, please store battery in the cool-dry environment.
  6. The prohibition in strong static electricity and strong magnetic field place use, otherwise is easy to destroy the battery PCBA.
  7. The prohibition puts the battery nearby the hot high temperature source, like the fire, the heater and so on use and leaves alone.
  8. The prohibition directly connects the battery cathode with the metal to short-circuit.
  9. The prohibition rap or throws, steps on the battery and so on.
  10. Forbids directly to weld the battery and pierces the battery with the nail or other sharp weapons.
  11. If the battery sends out the unusual smell, gives off heat, the distortion or appears any exceptionally, immediately moves the battery from the installment or the battery charger to and stops using.
  12. If the battery occurs leaks, the electrolyte enters eye, please do not have to rub scratches, the application clear water flushing eye, and delivers the medical treatment otherwise to be able immediately to injure the eye.
  13. When battery long-term storage, or assembly in the host, suggest customer should take every 6months carry on one time charge and discharge and recharge it to half-charge state (3.7-3.9V)(the method: 0.2CmA charge and discharge ).
  14. Abandon the battery to wrap up the electrode using the insulating paper, prevented the battery short-circuits.
  15. Do not decompose the battery.

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