48V 150Ah Wall-mounted Storage Energy

Additional information

Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity




Charging method


Charging current standard

30A, 150A max

Charge cut-off voltage

54.75V (3.65V)

Discharge method


Discharge current standard

30A, 150A max

Discharge cut-off voltage

40.5V (2.7V)

Communication interface


Working temperature

Charge: 0~+50℃; Discharge: -20~+55℃



Product Details

Hlcbattery manufactures home energy storage systems with powerful LiFePo4 lithium batteries and has the highest capacity in a standard casing available on the market. The highly sophisticated and integrated BMS with very low self-consumption brings safety, functionality, and ease of use together in a lightweight and robust casing.

The lithium battery has been specially designed to provide energy for residential home energy storage, LCD display, and DIP switch could be optional. Built-in intelligent BMS to protect the battery pack at any time and prolong its service life.

Benefits of lithium cells:

  1. High capacity, low weight, Increased energy in a given space
  2. Fast charging
  3. High operational reliability
  4. Safest lithium LiFePo4 technology
  5. Excellent long life times
  6. Maintenance free

48 volt lithium-ion battery performance curve:

48 volt lithium-ion battery performance

Home energy storage system panel instructions:

home energy storage panel instructions

Solar energy storage battery parallel Communication:

While in parallel communication, dial-up addresses of the battery module are 1, 2, 3, 4……14, 15; By this method, we can be allowed to read each data depending on the battery module. Any battery other than address 0 can be connected to the host computer; FF polling mode is used as consulting mode.

Battery Parallel Communication

Address Switch function (Only in Parallel)

Note: RS485 communication address can not be 0, the address set by the host computer is required to be the same as the battery communication address, do not have duplicate addresses, otherwise communication may be affected.


Address Switch function


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