400Ah Lithium Battery 2000 Cycles

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RV, UPS, solar street light etc

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Used Lifepo4 Battery features:

Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium battery packs are small in size and light in weight. The price of lithium batteries has dropped rapidly, and it has gradually become a trend to replace traditional lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries.

Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have the following advantages:

  • Environmental protection: lead-free, in line with new energy environmental protection requirements;
  • Lightweight: only 30% of the weight of lead-acid batteries;
  • Long life: more than 2000 cycle life, lifespan up to 10 years;
  • High power: can provide twice the power output of lead-acid batteries;
  • Temperature range: Wider temperature use environment, low temperature discharge is better than lead-acid batteries.
  • PLUS functions such as Bluetooth/charging heating & current limiting/voltage display/fuel gauge display can be customized.

Application field of lifepo4 12v battery:

The cheap lifepo4 batteries come in multiple variants with 12 and 24 volts voltage capacities. With the vast applications including RV, sightseeing carts, marine, scooters, tricycles, emergency lighting and security monitoring. The universal dimensions with excellent performance provide the user with an ideal drop-in replacement solution for the traditional lead-acid battery.

Application field of lithium iron phosphate battery pack













Lithium battery lifepo4 charge & discharge curves:

Different rate discharge curve: (25℃)

Different temperature discharge curve 0.5C

different temp discharge curve

State of charge curve (0.5C 25℃)

status of charge curve

Charging characters (0.5C 25℃)

charge characters

Different DOD discharge cycle life curve 1C

different DOD discharge cycle life curve

Different temperature self discharge curve

self discharge characters curve

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