2S1P 703048 7.4V 1000mAh Li-Polymer Battery

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Lithium ion batteries manufacturers

Lithium polymer battery, also named as lipo battery. The housing is aluminum plastic film. It is designed and produced based on cell dimensions. Its nominal voltage is 3.7V and max voltage 4.2V. It can also be made with 3.8v or 3.85v, and max voltage 4.3V or 4.35V respectively.

The landing page is about 2S 7.4V 703048-1000mAh battery pack. 703048 refers to thick 7mm, width 30mm, length 48mm. As it is 2 series battery pack, it shall 2 cells layout into one battery pack. So its thick will be 14mm. After soldering PCM, the length will be increased 2~3mm. So that’s basic lithium polymer battery dimension explanation.

Ref PCM(protection board), it has IC(DAA/G3J) and Moseft to ensure quality. It works for over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, forced discharge, overcharge, vibration, short test, soak test, crust test and drop test. We can prepare all the testing reports when you need them.

Ref wire & connector output info, we generally come with JST, Molex, PH pre-equipped connector. They shall be paired with the customer mainboard female connector. Of course, we also deliver bare wires to the assembly factory for soldering. Most are UL3302, UL1571 AWG wires.

The brief concludes, we made what you need.

Li-polymer battery advantages:

  • Each cell voltage: 3.7V
  • High energy density
  • Small low self-discharge
  • Long lifespan
  • No memory

FAQ of li-polymer batteries:

  1. What’s the recommended discharge temperature range?
  2. What to pay attention to when using for the first time?
    When you use the battery for its first time, do not put it into the cellular phone or any other equipment once you find it in unusual conditions such as unclearness or odors. The battery should be returned to the vendor.
  3. What’s the environmental protection requirement?
    This product accords with ROHS requirements.
  4. How long will customers receive samples?
    7~15 days. We will do handmade or get cells from the warehouse. But all shall do capacity grading before adding PCM.


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