18650 97.2V 10Ah UPS Lithium Battery Power

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10Ah lithium battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-temperature protection, over-current protection, ESD protection, etc.

Application areas: rescue starting equipment, low-temperature starting motor, low-temperature starting motor, low-temperature rate discharge equipment field

What is the role of the battery management system BMS?

The battery management system BMS is a new product born in this century. Because of the difficult control of electrochemical reactions and the elusiveness of material performance changes during this process, such a housekeeper is needed to supervise, adjust and limit the behavior of the battery pack at all times. To ensure the safety of use, its main functions are:

Accurately estimate the state of charge of the power battery pack

Accurately estimate the state of charge (SOC) of the power battery pack, that is, the remaining power of the battery, to ensure that the SOC is maintained within a reasonable range, to prevent damage to the battery due to overcharge or over-discharge, so as to predict the hybrid power at any time. How much energy is left in the car energy storage battery or the state of charge of the energy storage battery.

Dynamic monitoring of the working status of the power battery pack

In the process of battery charging and discharging, the terminal voltage and temperature of each battery in the power battery pack, the charging and discharging current and the total voltage of the battery pack are collected in real time to prevent the battery from overcharging or overdischarging. At the same time, it can give the battery status in time, select the battery with problems, maintain the reliability and high efficiency of the entire battery group, and make it possible to realize the remaining power estimation model.

In addition, it is necessary to establish the use history file of each battery to provide data for further optimization and development of new batteries, chargers, motors, etc., and to provide a basis for offline analysis of system failures.

The balance between 18650 cells

is the equalization charge for the single battery, so that each battery in the battery pack reaches a balanced and consistent state. Equalization technology is a key technology of a battery energy management system that the world is currently researching and developing.

Why does the 18650 rechargeable battery have a history of explosions?

Most 18650 batteries are encapsulated in steel casings. Since the batteries with poor quality have no protection function, in the case of overcharge (overcharge), their internal pressure will increase sharply, and when the tolerance value is exceeded, they will explode. Problems such as short circuit, high temperature, or the battery being squeezed and deformed or even punctured may cause the battery to explode.

After 30 years of development, the 18650 battery preparation process has been very mature. In addition to the great improvement in performance, its safety is also very perfect. In order to avoid the explosion of the sealed metal casing, the 18650 battery is now equipped with a safety valve on the top. The safety valve is the standard configuration of every 18650 battery, and it is also the most important explosion-proof barrier.

When the internal pressure of the battery is too large, the top safety valve will open the exhaust to reduce pressure to avoid explosion. However, when the safety valve is opened, the chemical substances leaked from the battery will react chemically with the oxygen in the air under high temperature conditions, and a fire may still occur. In addition, some 18650 batteries now have their own protection boards, which have functions such as overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit protection, and have very high safety performance.

FAQ of lithium-ion battery rechargeable:

  1. Must it have BMS at 18650 battery packs?

    Not yet. We will evaluate whether it needs BMS or PCM only.
  2. Which brand of 18650 cells are you providing?

    We are using LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and Chinese brands.
  3. What’s the MOQ of 18650 battery packs?

    No MOQ limits. We can accept small orders.
  4. How long will you provide 18650 battery pack samples?

    Roughly 7~15 days after battery aging.

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