18650 7.4V 2200mAh Lithium Battery for Audio Products

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Lithium Battery Process Work Flow

We are a professional lithium battery factory in China. Now we briefly introduce how to produce lithium batteries. It starts from cathode & anode mixing, coating, baking, calendering, automatic slitting & cutting, winding, top & side sealing, electrolyte injection, pressing formation, forming, capacity grading, OCV1 & OVC2, cell to PCB, insulation and shipping. Welcome to contact and ask for the workflow table list.

Product Details

Battery model: HLC18650/2S/2200mAh/7.4V
Nominal voltage: 7.4V
Nominal capacity: 2200mAh (discharge at 0.2C to 5.5V)
Factory voltage: ≥7.4V
Product size: MAX69×38×19.5mm
Product internal resistance: ≤280Mω
Weight: 100g
Output mode: UL1571 22# 50±5mm red and black, stripping 3±0.5mm
Executive standard: GB/T 18287-2000
Warranty period: 12 months
Working temperature: 0~45℃ (charging), -20~60℃ (discharging)
Battery charging: charging limit voltage: 8.4V charging current: 1100mA (standard), 2200mA (maximum)
Battery discharge: Discharge cut-off voltage: 5.5V Discharge current: 440mA (standard), 4400mA (maximum)

18650 Battery Pack Advantages:

  • Big capacity of 18650 lithium batteries, is generally between 1200mah and 3500mah, while the general battery capacity is only about 800mah. If combined into a 18650 lithium battery pack, the 18650 lithium battery pack can easily exceed 5000mah.
  • Long lifespan, 18650 lithium battery has a long service life, and the cycle life can reach more than 500 times in normal use, which is more than twice that of ordinary batteries.
  • High safety performance. 18650 lithium battery has high safety performance, no explosion, no burning; non-toxic, non-polluting, certified by RoHS trademark; all kinds of safety performance are completed in one go, the number of cycles is more than 500 times; high-temperature resistance performance, discharge efficiency under the condition of 65 degrees up to 100%. In order to prevent the short circuit of the battery, the positive and negative electrodes of the 18650 lithium battery are separated. Therefore, the possibility of short-circuiting has been reduced to the extreme. A protection board can be installed to avoid overcharging and over-discharging of the battery, which can also prolong the service life of the battery.
  • High voltage. 18650 lithium battery is generally 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.2V, which is much higher than the 1.2V voltage of nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries.
  • No memory effect, no need to empty the remaining power before charging, easy to use.
  • Can be combined in series or parallel to form 18650 lithium battery pack.
  • Use a wide range of notebook computers, walkie-talkies, portable DVDs, instrumentation, audio equipment, model aircraft, toys, video cameras, digital cameras and other electronic equipment.

18650 Battery Pack Disadvantages:

  1. The biggest disadvantage of the 18650 lithium battery is that its size has been fixed, and it is not very well positioned when installed in some notebooks or some products. Of course, this disadvantage can also be said to be an advantage, which is compared to other lithium batteries such as polymer lithium batteries. This is a disadvantage in terms of customizable and resizable. Compared with some products with specified battery specifications, it has become an advantage.
  2. The 18650 lithium battery is prone to short circuit or explosion, which is also relative to the polymer lithium battery. If it is relatively ordinary batteries, this disadvantage is not so obvious.
  3. 18650 lithium battery production requires protection circuits to prevent the battery from being overcharged and causing discharge. Of course, this is necessary for lithium batteries, which is also a common drawback of lithium batteries, because the materials used in lithium batteries are basically lithium cobalt oxide materials, and lithium batteries made of lithium cobalt oxide materials cannot be discharged at large currents, and their safety poor.
  4. 18650 lithium battery requires high production conditions. Compared with general battery production, 18650 lithium battery has high requirements for production conditions, which undoubtedly increases the production cost.

Application of 18650 lithium battery:

The application of lithium secondary batteries in the energy battery industry benefits from its superior performance. With the continuous development of lithium secondary battery technology, it has been widely used in our daily life; rechargeable batteries that are used many times are increasingly favored by consumers. Pay attention to the energy battery industry, fully understand the battery and let us “use it for me”. At present, the 18650 lithium battery has certain applications in the following fields.

  • Energy storage
    Mainly used in base station power supply, clean energy storage, grid power storage, home solar storage system, etc.
  • Power devices
    Mainly refers to electric vehicles, electric bicycles, new energy vehicles, etc.
  • Digital devices
    Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electric toys, MP3/MP4, earphones, power banks, model airplanes, power banks, etc.

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