18650 25.2V 40Ah Ultimate Lithium Batteries

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Best lithium battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over current protection, temperature protection. We can custom li-ion battery packs based on customer needs.
Application areas: robots, AGV

24V 40Ah Intelligent Lithium Power Pack Requirements:

According to the customer’s requirements and specifications, according to local conditions, design a battery pack that meets the environmental requirements and is matched with the host. Add the battery module heating module to the design. The device can be charged and discharged normally under the condition of more than 0 degrees. Solve the disadvantage of poor charging safety of ordinary lithium batteries below 0 degrees. Make the equipment run around the clock in extremely harsh environments.

Cell shape requirements: use square aluminum shell lithium iron phosphate power battery (LP2770134-8S2P/20Ah/25.6V)

Structural design requirements: beautiful appearance, the overall battery meets the requirements of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

Circuit design requirements: 24V/20Ah, normal charging current 10A, normal operating current 10A, instantaneous maximum operating current 35A; conventional protection function, with equalization circuit, can effectively make up for the difference between cells during battery use, the maximum Extend the service life of the battery to the limit; the working temperature is 0°C-60°C, and the battery needs to be heated before heating in a low-temperature climate.

24V 40Ah best lithium ion battery design scheme:

metal powder coating shell: The beautiful sheet metal shell is designed according to customer requirements, and the surface is powder coated and sub-black, which effectively protects the shell from oxidation and discoloration due to environmental influences. The sealing strip design is adopted to meet the requirements of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Four outlet holes for charging, discharging, temperature sensor and heating are reserved on the shell. The thermal insulation layer uses a thermal insulation material with a thickness of about 5mm. The outer box adopts the handle design, which is convenient for temporary transportation and use; the upper cover and the panel are flexibly disassembled, which is convenient for battery maintenance;

Protection Board (PCM):

Protection board design: The scheme uses BMS with high precision detection as the battery information acquisition unit, which has overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit and high and low temperature protection, and can balance the voltage and current of a single cell

Design of heating part: For pre-heating before low-temperature charging, we use 9pcs flexible heating film with power of 5W in parallel, so that each large plane of the cell is heated by a heating film, and the pre-heating process is completed in about 30 minutes. In order to ensure the heating effect, when the ambient temperature in the battery box reaches 0°C, after the customer’s charging end detects the 0°C signal, the heating will be delayed (10 minutes) to ensure the consistency of the overall temperature of the battery cells.

Overcurrent Protection Sheet (PTC): Mainly designed for secondary protection function. PTC resettable fuse with overcurrent protection, automatic recovery dual function. The PTC in the battery product can prevent the high temperature discharge of the battery and the occurrence of unsafe high current.

24V 40Ah lithium golf battery features:

  • Ultra-long service life (1000 cycles of capacity keeping not less than 70%);
  • Excellent working temperature (can run stably under -20℃~+60℃ temperature for a long time);
  • The battery detection unit is installed in the battery pack, which can accurately detect the battery voltage, temperature, capacity and other conditions in real time, and transmit it to the main system through the communication system in time, which can fully improve the work safety of the product;
  • The battery pack shell is designed with sheet metal material, which has superior impact resistance and high performance of high and low temperature resistance and effective flame retardant, which can ensure that the battery pack always maintains effective protection ability under the condition of external force impact. The external folding handle is convenient for transport;
  • The cells have passed the safety tests of the People’s Republic of China automobile industry standard “QC/T743-2006 Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles”, and all meet the standards of the standard;
  • Simple installation combination (the design concept of unit module makes the product installation flexible and reliable);

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