18650 25.2V 3000mAh Smart Lithium ion Battery Pack

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Battery shell

cold-rolled sheet metal

Product Details

Lithium battery pack protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over current protection, temperature protection. We are happy to customize 18650 lithium battery packs.

Application field: medical equipment

How to avoid buying fake 18650 lithium batteries?

When we buy 18650 lithium batteries, we will inevitably encounter a lot of fake products on the market. How should we avoid buying fake and shoddy products:

  • Choose quality suppliers
  • Check the workmanship of the battery, the genuine lithium battery shell is made of special materials, very strong, and has a neat appearance, no unnecessary burrs, the outer surface has a certain roughness and feels comfortable, and the inner surface feels smooth.
  • Pay attention to checking brand trademarks, commodity certificates, testing certificates, etc.
    The lithium battery label adopts secondary printing technology. Under certain light, from the side, it is obvious that the color of the barcode part is darker than the rest.
  • Battery performance test, to ensure that the battery performance through the test.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack features:

  • Shockproof and waterproof: The shockproof structure design is filled inside the fireproof PC shell to meet the requirements of high safety and high reliability;
  • Low-temperature work: low-temperature batteries are used to ensure that it works at a low temperature of -40 degrees.
  • Reliable connection: Gold-plated to gold finger connectors, fast, safe and reliable;
  • The battery pack is safe, with a temperature probe, which can upload temperature information to the host computer;
  • Battery pack I2C communication can upload battery voltage, current, capacity and other parameters to the host computer;
  • The battery pack has a high cycle life and is in line with the value concepts of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection;

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