18650 25.2V 20.6Ah Lithium Battery for Smart Robot, RS485

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149*76*79.5mm (Max)

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Lithium Battery Process Work Flow

We are a professional lithium battery factory in China. Now we briefly introduce how to produce lithium batteries. It starts from cathode & anode mixing, coating, baking, calendering, automatic slitting & cutting, winding, top & side sealing, electrolyte injection, pressing formation, forming, capacity grading, OCV1 & OVC2, cell to PCB, insulation and shipping. Welcome to contact and ask for the workflow table list.

Product Details

Cell model: 18650-3400mAh-3.6V
Battery specification: 18650-7S6P-20.4Ah-25.2V
Nominal voltage: 25.2V
Nominal capacity: 20.4Ah
Charging voltage: 29.4V
Charging current: ≤10A
Discharge current: 4A
Instant discharge current: 40A
Discharge cut-off voltage: 21V
Internal resistance of finished product: ≤350mΩ
Battery weight: 2500g
Product size: 149*76*79.5mm
Charging temperature: 0~45℃
Discharge temperature: -20~60℃
Storage temperature: -20~35℃
Battery shell: sheet metal shell
Lithium battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-temperature protection, over current protection, ESD protection, etc.
Application areas: inspection robots, electric power monitoring robots, surveying and mapping robots and other robot fields

18650 25.2V li-ion battery features:

  1. Can provide customers with OEM/ODM services;
  2. Input port requirements: input and output at the same end, 2 wires, 15 inches long, 1.5² red, black, output ports can be customized as required
  3. Packaging process: high grade metal plate housing
  4. Features: long cycle life, light battery weight, high safety performance, green environmental protection

18650 25.2V li-ion battery charger features:

  • The EMC circuit effectively eliminates the interference to the peripheral equipment, and at the same time has its own anti-interference performance, built-in anti-electromagnetic interference filter.
  • Small ripple, high working efficiency.
  • Long lifespan. The service life is 30,000 hours under normal conditions.
  • Insulation energy consumption, 100% of high-frequency transformers are infiltrated with vacuum.
  • With short circuit, over-voltage, over current, overload protection.
  • Full load high temperature burn-in, 100% aging test.
  • All materials are ROHS standard.

Ref BMS battery balance:

Power lithium-ion batteries sometimes require several, dozens or even hundreds of strings, and these batteries may find unbalanced conditions in use. This is because the production of batteries needs to go through many processes. Although they have undergone very strict inspections at the end, after all, various differences will occur in the production process. After a period of use, these differences will begin to slowly start. appear.

At this time, if it is a battery pack composed of multiple batteries, the capacity of the entire battery pack depends on the cell capacity of the battery with the worst capacity in the entire battery pack. This is the famous barrel theory.

Faced with such a problem, a corresponding protection circuit should be set up for the battery to extract excess power from the higher-voltage battery, so that the power of the entire battery pack can be balanced. There are two commonly used balance methods: energy balance and resistance balance.

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