18650 20Ah 36 volt Battery Pack

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Cell model


Battery combination

13S6P/36V/20Ah 18650

Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity


Charging voltage


Charging current

4A 0.2C

Discharge current


Discharge cut-off voltage


Charging temperature


Discharge temperature






Battery shell


Product Details

Lithium battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, temperature protection, 485 communication protocol, etc. We can custom li battery packs based on customer requests.

Application areas: industrial machinery and equipment, RGV, inspection robots, etc.

18650 li-ion battery pack process quality characteristics:

  • The use of high-quality lithium-ion batteries requires qualified and stable suppliers to supply single cells with good performance. The single cells have undergone a series of safety tests and performance tests before being used after passing the test.
  • It is required that the battery has low internal resistance and good consistency. Whether it is a 36V lithium-ion battery pack or other energy storage battery packs, it is necessary to ensure low internal resistance to ensure the capacity, platform, and heat dissipation of high-current discharge.
  • The battery structure adopts a ventilation design, and the distance between two adjacent batteries is not less than 2mm. This structure requires a plastic bracket to fix the battery.
  • Battery pack factory uses slotted nickel sheets in spot welding. The size of the nickel sheet meets the requirements of high current discharge. The nickel sheet material ensures low internal resistance, the spot welding machine ensures stable operation, and the welding needle ensures quality. The operation, checks whether the solder joint is firm after spot welding.
  • Different batches of batteries are made into typical finished products and subjected to life test. When the relevant experience of lithium-ion battery PACK design specification is summarized, the battery finished product is subjected to cycle test to obtain the actual cycle life.
  • Verify the high and low temperature performance of the battery. The cells of different PACK lithium-ion battery manufacturers are made into finished products and subjected to different rate discharge tests at high and low temperatures to obtain the actual discharge curve.

Quality lithium battery:

  • All components are selected from automotive-grade components, with a high standard operating temperature range of -40℃~85℃;
  • Wider and more reliable temperature monitoring, the monitoring range can reach -40~85℃;

What features should a technologically advanced BMS currently on the market have?

Advanced technology and stable and reliable products will be the core features of future BMS products. What kind of products are technologically advanced, stable and reliable products? Because the BMS standards of major domestic enterprises have not yet been unified, the BMS performance characteristics of Shenzhen HLC Battery is taken as an example to explain from the four dimensions of technology, function, quality, and standard specification.

FAQ of lithium battery:

  1. How long will you get samples?
    Roughly 7~15 days.
  2. What’s the MOQ?
    No MOQ limits. We can accept small orders.
  3. Can you customize 18650 battery packs?
    Yes, we can custom different 18650 lithium-ion battery packs based on customers’ requests.
  4. Which certificates will you provide?
    We can provide UN38.3, MSDS, IEC62133, PSE, KC, CE.




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