105060 7.4V 2500mAh Lithium ion Polymer Battery

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HLC105060 2S

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Power Tool

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Lithium deep cycle battery Description:

In series connection, the positive tab of one section is connected with the negative tab of the other section (generally, there are wire connections, conductive sheet connections, direct welding of tabs, etc.), and then use the remaining independent negative tabs and positive tabs of the two batteries The ears are negative and positive of these 2 strings of battery packs. Pay attention to the insulation between the independent positive and negative ears! After the series is connected, the voltage is added (7.4V), and the capacity remains unchanged (the cell was originally a 2500mAh battery, and now it is still 2500mAh).

Even it is 2 series battery packs, it shall match both cells voltage, capacity and interior resistance. Must keep them during the limited ranges.

Let talk about the protection board(PCM), it pre-equiped with IC chip and Mosfet to protect short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge and over current.

Ref wire & connector output info, we generally come with JST, Molex, PH pre-equipped connector. They shall be paired with the customer mainboard female connector. Of course, we also deliver bare wires to the assembly factory for soldering. Most are UL3302, UL1571 AWG wires.

In another word, we produce what you need.

Lipo Battery Advantages:

  1. Good safety performance
    The polymer lithium battery is unique in structure, and its proprietary aluminum packaging setting will not cause explosions even in the event of a safety hazard.
  2. Small thickness, can be made thinner
    The polymer lithium battery overcomes the bottleneck of the thickness of the lithium battery, realizes an ultra-thin setting, and can also be assembled into a credit card. For ordinary liquid lithium batteries, the method of customizing the shell first, and then introducing the positive and negative materials, is difficult to achieve a thickness of less than 3.6mm, while polymer batteries can currently achieve a thickness of less than 1mm, which is in line with the current demand for mobile phones.
  3. Lightweight
    The polymer lithium battery does not need a metal shell as the outer packaging, and is 40% lighter than the steel shell lithium battery of the same capacity in terms of quality, and 20% lighter than the aluminum shell battery.
  4. Large capacity
    Compared with steel shell batteries of the same size, polymer lithium batteries have a 10-15% higher capacity, which makes them the first choice for smartphones. Most mobile phones on the market now use polymer batteries.
  5. Small internal resistance
    The internal resistance of the polymer battery and the internal resistance of the liquid battery are relatively small. Now, the internal resistance of many domestic polymer batteries can be achieved below 35mΩ, which reduces the self-consumption of the battery itself and maximizes the power consumption. The standby time of the mobile phone is completely in line with international standards. At the same time, this type of polymer lithium battery that supports large discharge current becomes an ideal choice for remote control models.
  6. Shape can be customized
    The polymer lithium battery manufacturer can formulate the cell model according to the customer’s requirements. The battery is not limited to one shape, and the development cycle is short, realizing the tailor-made according to the shape of the mobile phone, making full use of the space of the mobile phone and improving the battery. of electric capacity.
  7. Good discharge characteristics
    Polymer batteries use colloidal electrolytes, which can support smooth discharge characteristics and higher discharge plateaus.
  8. Protection plate design is simple
    Since the materials used are all polymers, the batteries will not cause explosions and have sufficient safety, and fuses may not be installed in these road sections, which can save costs.

FAQ of lithium polymer batteries:

  • How long will you get samples and mass production?
    7~15 days for sampling and 30 days for bulk order.
  • What’s your warranty? When does it start?
    All of our products have a one-year limited warranty, starting from the shipping date.
  • What’s the MOQ?
    We can accept small orders for trial orders. But the official order shall be 5K.

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