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Plan to source proper sized portable power station or want a portable solar power system for your market? Work with Hlcbattery a portable power manufacturer and supplier that offers portable solar power station wholesale and OEM service for clients globally. You will get a stable & safe portable power station that offers a good quality guarantee.

Benefit From Hlcbattery China Portable Power Station

Portable power station, also called a portable power storage unit, portable power supply, or portable energy storage system, is the latest solution for portable energy storage and power backup. Be you a portable power station wholesaler, energy storage business contractor or end users, take advantage of Hlcbattery china’s portable power station, it supplies the optimal portable tool charging stations made with lithium batteries for home power backup and solar energy storage. 

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Factory-Direct Portable Power Stations​ Supplying

Hlcbattery as a portable power station manufacturer supplies a wide range of portable solar power stations of various watt output options, for wholesalers, dealers, and project contractors. It is workable for camping, outdoor activities, and emergency power supply.

300W portable power station

300W portable power station

500W portable power station

Quality Portable Power Station Details

Either distribute or wholesale portable power station, No MOQ is required at our portable power station factory. When asking for inquiries, you will get a portable power stations​ spec datasheet that includes power, capacity, input, and output voltage, cycle life, charging modes, options, and more, to help you better choose a right portable tool charging station.

Best China Portable Power Station

Power options from small to big portable station

Having from 150W , 300W, 500W, 1200W different options for portable power supply.

Built-in brand battery

We are using good brand 18650 battery and lifepo4 battery, such as BAK, Greatpower, Ganfeng.

Multiple charging options

It supports AC, Type C, solar charging mothed. It allows 100w and 300W max solar panel for fast charging.

Safety guarantee

It builts protection for over-charge, over-discharge, over-load, temperature, short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage.

Environment friendly

Our portable solar power generation system uses solar energy and electricity instead of gas to achieve energy recycling and zero pollution.

Long lifespan

With pure sine wave inverter, it supports 1000 times with 80% SOC. Roughly it can works for 3 years.

Why choose us as portable power station vendor
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Portable Power Station Wholesale

Portable Power Station One Step Service Unit

Portable power stations for battery storage provided us,  Hlcbattery can be customizable with an array of options, including:

Power station rubber band color
portable power station logo
Portable Power Packaging Box
Portable power station shell color
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The Best Portable Power Supplies for Outdoor and Emergency Power Solutions

Portable energy storage provides power for various applications

As one of the best portable power manufacturers, Hlcbattery offers a wide range of portable power stations for home, outdoor, professionals, and businesses.

Portable power station for power storage solutions

Reliable china portable power station for TV, refrigerator, cell phones, projector, laptop, computers, heater, coffee maker, air conditioner, heater, space heater, power tools and more 

Optiomal portable solar battery storage solution

Powerful china portable power station for outdoor uses, including electric car, camping, CPAP machine, emergency uses, tailgating, recreational vehicle

SAFETY is our top consideration!

Select well-known portable power station manufacturer like Hlcbattery. We developed our own battery management system (BMS) to achieve intelligent balance, high stability, high-precision detection and other multiple protection.

Sourcing portable power station: Things to Know

“Portable energy storage, also known as “large power bank” and “outdoor power supply”, is a small energy storage device with a built-in lithium battery and can be used with solar panels. It has the characteristics of multiple charge and discharge cycles, wide adaptability, safety and convenience.

The battery capacity of small and medium-power portable energy storage products is in the range of 300-1000wh, with rich interfaces, which can support 99% of digital product charging, and can be used outdoors for about 1-2 days. High-power products or power packs connected in series, with a charging capacity in the range of 1000-3000wh, can supply power for electric cookers, induction cookers, etc.

Generally, the energy storage power supply that needs to be powered for a long time is mostly 1-8 hours, which can be mainly determined according to the type of work on the construction site and the actual development needs and habits. Also, the possible battery life for normal operation is about 5-15 minutes. Therefore, when choosing an energy storage power supply, it is more appropriate to analyze and choose according to the actual life needs of the enterprise. Portable energy storage can be used as an emergency power source to meet the power demand of natural disasters or emergencies, and to ensure the power demand in emergencies.

Yes. The outdoor portable energy storage power supply uses lithium battery as the energy storage power supply. The built-in lithium iron phosphate battery pack is a UPS lithium-ion battery integrated machine. It is small in size, high in capacity, and high in power. Provide convenient mobile power solutions for you in places where there is no mains power or power shortage;

Please let us know the model you are interested in. We will share the specification, price, lead time. We will prepare samples for evaluation. Then we will negotiate mass production order.

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