Lithium Battery Pack Manufacturer

  • Custom lithium battery pack since 2010.
  • Provide RS485, RS232, CAN BMS Protocols optional.
  • Capacity, Size/dimension can be customized.
  • PVC wrap, ABS, Metal housing can be chosen.
  • Short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage protection.
24V lithium ion battery

Why choose lithium-ion battery pack?

  1. High working voltage, nominal voltage 3.7V
  2. High energy density, Approximately 6-7 times of lead-acid batteries.
  3. Low self-discharge rate
  4. No memory effect
  5. Support size customization
  6. Lightweight, the same volume of lead-acid battery products is about 1/5
  7. Long lifespan over 2000 cycles for LFP battery pack, and it can last over 500 cycles for 18650 battery.
  8. Compared with traditional battery technology, lithium-ion batteries charge faster and last longer, and higher power density can achieve longer battery life while being lighter.

What are application of lithium-ion battery pack?

The lithium-ion battery packs are mostly used for different applications. They can be street lights, medical devices, GPS, CCTV camera, fascia gun, jump stater. The 12V lithium battery protection board is a battery protection circuit board. It is generally used for large-capacity 12V lithium batteries. It has the protection functions of overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit, and battery balance. Some batteries may also require communication ports and data input and output. Options and other display functions to meet application requirements.

12V lithium ion battery application

The lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in a broad spectrum of applications, including:

  • Smart robotics, toys robotics, educational robots, robot vacuum, electric window cleaners.
  • Solar light, golden light, lawn light, street light, floodlight, smart outdoor light.
  • Folklift, electric truck, warehouse folk lift, mini truck, container folklift
  • Medical device, portable medical freezer, portable medical oxigen, medical monitor
  • UAV, aircraft, drones, agriculture uav
  • Skateboard, electric skateboard, powered skateboard

How is our technical support service?

  • The technical center covers professional techniques of cell selection, industrial design, electronic, power supply, structure, process, software(BMS, balanced). It has been widely used and proved the whole solution is outstanding.
  • Cell selection: Samsung, LG, Lishen, Roofer, and other 18650 cell suppliers have established good cooperative relations.
  • PCM/BMS: Multi-protection intelligent BMS management system, Automatic communication function, and SOC indication.
  • Structural design: High structural strength, light, and convenience.
  • Charger selection: recommend the best charger option based on finalized battery.
Technical Support

Quality Products

  • Our lithium-ion battery pack conforms to Li-ion battery national standard GB/T18287/2020.
  • Each battery meets the demand of Rohs2.0 REACH requirements
  • With ZERO complaint principle to proceed all manufacturer works.
  • We will help you to get all the necessary certificates, some of the commonly known ones are listed below:
    UN 38.3
    IEC 62133
    UL 2054
    Air & Sea Transportation Report
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Manufactured to National Standard GB/T18287-2020

  • All are producing at 5S & dust free plant. Our daily production is up to 10K pieces.
automatic sorting machines
18650 battery sorting
our workers

Chemical Test

Automatic Welding

Final Testing

  • Cell Formation & Grading
  • Temp & Hum Controller
  • Short-circuit Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Molding System
  • Automatic Welding
  • Automatic Welding
  • Final Test
  • Packing

Need Any Customized Lithium Battery Pack?

You will receive the charge & discharge curve

  • 12S2P Battery Pack, It is a 5A charge & 10A discharge curve test as a sample for your review.
Lithium battery test curve

Time - voltage & current

Lithium battery test performance

Capacity - voltage

Lithium battery test curve

Time - capacity & specific capacity

Lithium battery test curve

Cycle number-charge capacity & discharge capacity & charge specific capacity & discharge specific capacity

Lithium Battery Certificates

Transportation: Lithium primary batteries and lithium ion batteries are required to comply with UN38.3 certification for the transportation of dangerous goods.

China: The domestic transportation of lithium batteries meets the national standard of GB 21966, and the products need to be certified by CQC.

United States: Lithium batteries are exported to the United States, and the certification options include UL, cTUVus, ETL, NRTL certification.

EU: The export of lithium batteries to the EU requires CE certification, EN/IEC test report.

CB member states: Lithium batteries can apply for CB certification and meet the requirements of IEC61960 regulations.

Japan: Lithium batteries exported to Japan require PSE certification.

India: Lithium batteries need to apply for BIS certification, in line with IS 16046.

Russia: EAC certification, corresponding to standard IEC 62133.

South Korea: KC certification is required to export lithium batteries to South Korea, which meets the requirements of KC 62133 regulations.

Thailand: The export of lithium batteries to Thailand requires TISI certification and meets the requirements of TIS 2217-2548.

Vietnam: Exporting to Vietnam requires MIC certification and meets the requirements of regulations QCVN-101.

Australia: Export to Australia requires RCM certification.

Brazil: Mobile phone lithium batteries need to apply for ANATEL certification.

Saudi Arabia: It is necessary to meet the corresponding IEC standards for export to Saudi Arabia and apply for SASO certification.

Mexico: Meet the requirements of regulations NOM-024-SCFI and apply for NOM certification.

battery certificate

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Why choose us, HlcBattery?

  • Safety & Reliability
    All Battery cells will pass rigorous testing. All Battery Packs are Certified and are compliant with regulatory and safety requirements. 
  • Certifications
    CE, ROHS, FCC certification and high reliability. UL 1642, UL 2054, MSDS, UN 38.3, IEC 62133,KC,PSE,BIS certifications and more available.
  • Customer support
    Quick turn-around on battery assemblies(10-20 Days). 24*7 services are available.

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