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Short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge protection


Heating, crush, impact, drop, vibration, and nail test


2000 cycles of charge & discharge. Low self-consumption.

LiFePo4 Battery Advantages

  • LFP battery lifespan has been greatly improved to 2000 cycles.
  • Large capacity. Under the same volume, the lithium iron phosphate battery can store 2 to 3 times higher than the carbon dioxide battery.
  • Safe to use. Lithium Iron Phosphate has been rigorously tested for safety and will not explode even in the worst traffic accidents.
  • Support big current rate.
  • No memory effect.
  • Environment friendly.

HLC helps you with high-quality lithium batteries.
Safe, Durable, Reliable.

Application of 18650 battery pack

Steps for production


To understand the real demands of the lithium polymer battery, you need to provide the lithium battery size, electrical performance requirements, output requirements, and functional requirements.

Quick Response

Evaluate a solution and quote the known parameters provided by the customer, also provide full datasheet for reference.

Sample Test

Assist and track customer test results, as well as customer's overall equipment operation effect.

Certificate Proceed

We will discuss with customer certificate works based on the final country and applicate requests. It may be MSDS, UN38.3, IEC62133, KC, PSE, etc.


After the customers approval, we will start to make samples for polymer batteries, and provide charging and discharging cycle curve and data.

Mass Production

Develop process documents and BOM sheet, purchase materials, arrange staff production, quality personnel monitoring, and random inspection, and package and shipment.

HLC helps you with high-quality lithium batteries.
Safe, Durable, Reliable.

How to select a good lifepo4 battery

Check appearance and package

First of all, lithium iron phosphate battery products can be judged from the packaging and appearance. Although the appearance of general products is deceptive to a certain extent, some inferior products can also be screened out from the appearance.

Compare weight

The weight of a lithium iron phosphate battery is proportional to its capacity. If it is a polymer lithium iron phosphate battery, if the weight difference is too large, the capacity will definitely be insufficient, but there are differences in the capacity of some batteries themselves.

Test internal resistance and high current

In fact, a good quality lithium iron phosphate battery has a very small internal resistance and a large discharge current. Using a multimeter with a range of 20A, directly short-circuit the two electrodes of the lithium iron phosphate battery, the current should generally be around 10A, or even higher, and it can be maintained for a period of time. A relatively stable battery is a good battery.

Test current on work

During the charging operation of the lithium iron phosphate battery, if the two poles of the battery do not become hot after continuous discharge for about 10 minutes, it proves that the battery protection board system is complete. Generally, the quality of lithium iron phosphate batteries with high-quality protection boards is better than that of ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Review LFP cell

Most of the cells used in lithium iron phosphate batteries are soft-packed cells and 18650 cells, which are also more common lithium iron phosphate battery pack cell materials. First check whether the batteries are brand new, because there are some bad small workshops on the market that use second-hand batteries to make lithium iron phosphate batteries.

LFP Battery Pack

Finally, in the production process of lithium iron phosphate battery packs, we can judge whether the quality of the cells is good or not from the perspective of consistency, self-discharge rate, high rate, and cycle life.

LiFePo4 Cell Model Listing

BrandsCell ModelDimensionCapacityWeightCharge Temp RangeMax Pulse Charge CurrentContinue Discharge Current
YuHuangLFP26148100-40Ah148.2±0.5*105.5±0.5*26.5(+1/-0)40Ah0.88±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
YuHuangLFP26148129-50Ah148.2±0.5*135.0±0.5*26.5(+1/-0)50Ah1.12±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
YuHuangLFP26148134-50Ah148.2±0.5*140.0±0.5*27.5(+1/-1)50Ah1.15±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF50F148.3±0.5*129.8±0.5*26.7±1.050Ah1.05±0.1KGT:+0~55℃1.2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF50K135.3±0.5*185.3±0.5*29.3±0.750Ah1.395±0.05KGT:+0~55℃5CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 3C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
EVELF80A130.3±0.5*170.5±0.5*36.7±0.582Ah1.68±0.05KGT:+0~55℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng48173125-100Ah173.9±0.5*132.2±0.8*48±0.5100Ah≤2.30KGT:+0~60℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF105130.3±0.5*200.5±0.5*36.7±0.5105Ah1.98±0.1KGT:+0~55℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng53173200-206Ah174.7±0.5*207.1±0.5*53.8±0.5206Ah4.18±0.20KGT:-15~55℃T:15~25℃,0%≤SOC≤60%,0.8CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF230173.9±0.5*207.5±0.5*54.0±1.0230Ah4.11±0.1KGT:+0~60℃2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng71173200-277Ah174.7±0.5*207.1±0.5*71.8±0.5277Ah5.54±0.20KGT:-15~55℃T:15~25℃,0%≤SOC≤60%,0.8CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng71173204-280Ah174.20±0.8*207.1±0.8*71.8±0.5280Ah≤5.5KGT:+0~60℃T:25±2℃,1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF280N173.7±0.3*204.8±0.5*71.5±0.5280Ah5.30±0.30KGT:0~55℃2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C



How long do LFP batteries last?

The theoretical life of lithium iron phosphate battery is 2000 charge-discharge cycles, that is, once a day, it can also last for more than 5 years.

Can you fully discharge a LiFePO4 battery?

Deep discharge and deep charge and shallow discharge and shallow charge have little difference in the impact of lithium battery life. In fact, shallow discharge and shallow charge are more beneficial for lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Is LFP battery better?

This type of battery is characterized by the absence of precious metal elements (such as cobalt, etc.). Due to the absence of precious metal materials, the raw material cost of lithium iron phosphate batteries is low. In practical use, lithium iron phosphate batteries have the advantages of high temperature resistance, strong safety and stability, low price, and better cycle performance.

What's your main product line?

We mainly produce 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V lifepo4 battery pack for different applicants. You can also get other custom lifepo4 battery based on customer demand.

What's leadtime for LFP batteries?

We will deliver out withou 7~10 days. Within these days, we will do at least 1 cycle of charge & discharge. It will take 20 days or more for general order. We suggest that please allow give us a little more time for aging and cycle test. It benefits a lot.

How do I maintain my LiFePO4 battery?

Less than 1 month: -20℃~+45℃; Less than 6 months:-10℃~+35℃

Why Choose Us

01 Security is Paramount

At HLC, we follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients, as well as internally. We educate our team and our clients on battery security to keep safe. We got your back!

02 High Touch Communication

Our goal is to answer every emails and calls with a LIVE person. It can be a problem of battery, or technical support, even free sampling.

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All our documents and batteries come with an unprecedented 100% efforts to support our clients.

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We don’t pursue every customer. We choose only clients that share our values. We cherish customers who respect and support each others. It is our long-term business running principle.

05  Free samples

We can provide free samples after the technical and datasheet are approved. It will prove our lithium battery quality and manufacturing artworks.

06  24*7 Support

We will get back to you at any time and anywhere. Just let me know your ideas and requests.

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We are happy to say that after our hard work and persistence, we have received praise from our customers, thank you for their support, and we will continue to work hard.

DB Technology works with some of the top brands around the world such as Bose, ZAGG, Victrola etc. We came to HLC with a very specific set of requirements needed to replace a defective battery from another “low cost” supplier. Henglichi not only met or exceeded all the specifications, including safety tests, they actually beat the previous vendors price!

DJ David
David B. James CEO

With this company, we’ve had no issues with quality, no issues with lead times and the engineering support has been excellent in designing and producing the needed battery solution for our customer’s needs. Even better, all testing services have worked perfectly to accommodate international sales with the required certifications.

Saili Development and Quality Manager

Just what I needed to replace my old batteries, these are good quality batteries with a high power rating. The batteries are working really well as none have yet run out of charge for what they are being used for. I bought over 30x batteries of this company for kids toys and hand held home items. Cheaper then branded batteries and works the same.

Shayan Product Manager

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