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HLC Battery is a professional China LiFePo4 battery pack manufacturer located in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Below are some lifepo4 battery examples for your review. We have been producing 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V and other voltage LFP battery packs for different applicants. They are cheaper and longer lifespan than Li-ion batteries. Welcome to click the following button to contact us for your innovation projects.

Applications for LiFePo4 Battery Packs

In terms of materials, lithium iron phosphate batteries use lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the cathode material, and iron is used as the battery raw material. The PO bond in the lithium iron phosphate crystal is very stable and difficult to decompose, even at high temperatures or overcharge. The structure will not collapse and generate heat or form strong oxidizing substances, and it has good safety.

From a structural point of view, the advantages of lithium iron phosphate are: lower cost, stable structure, longer charge-discharge cycle life, but at the same time there are problems with low energy density, low charge-discharge efficiency, and poor low-temperature performance.

From the point of view of use, lithium iron phosphate is suitable for scenarios where large space is available, large-volume batteries are installed, high safety performance is required, and long-term uninterrupted operation is required. The current application areas of lithium iron phosphate batteries include new energy vehicles, energy storage, 5G base stations, two-wheeled vehicles, heavy trucks, electric ships and other fields.

lifepo4 battery applicant
  • 5G base station, communication base, lOT gateway.
  • energy storage system, solar energy system, portable power station, energy storage container.
  • Wind generator, solar wind power generator, wind turbine generator.
  • New energy vehicle, electric car, EV truck.
  • electric ship, electric paddle board, electric boat.
  • Backup power, UPS, uninterruptible power supply, emergency backup.

Need Any Customized LiFePo4 Battery?

Why choose Lifepo4 Battery Packs

Lithium iron phosphate battery, maybe everyone hears the name for a long time, so you may not know it. In fact, it is also a kind of lithium battery. People also called it LiFePo4 battery, even abbreviate to LFP battery. Like the batteries used in our mobile phones, it is named because the cathode materials of lithium iron phosphate batteries are mainly compounds of phosphorus, acid, iron, and lithium. These Lifepo4 battery packs have at least 5 main advantages:

  • Lifespan improved. Under standard charging conditions, the service life of lifepo4 batteries can reach more than seven years, and the battery can be charged more than 2,000 times.

  • Large capacity. lifepo4 battery has 2 to 3 times higher storage capacity than carbonate battery under the same volume.

  • Safety. No expansion and fire.

  • The capacity is constant. The feature of lithium phosphate battery is that it can be used at any time! And it will never affect its storage capacity.

  • Environment friendly. The lithium iron phosphate battery has environmental protection performance that other batteries do not have, because the battery does not contain heavy metals.
lifepo4 cell

Our LiFePo4 Battery Packs Portfolio

Our LiFePo4 Cell Model Listing

BrandsCell ModelDimensionCapacityWeightCharge Temp RangeMax Pulse Charge CurrentContinue Discharge Current
YuHuangLFP26148100-40Ah148.2±0.5*105.5±0.5*26.5(+1/-0)40Ah0.88±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
YuHuangLFP26148129-50Ah148.2±0.5*135.0±0.5*26.5(+1/-0)50Ah1.12±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
YuHuangLFP26148134-50Ah148.2±0.5*140.0±0.5*27.5(+1/-1)50Ah1.15±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF50F148.3±0.5*129.8±0.5*26.7±1.050Ah1.05±0.1KGT:+0~55℃1.2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF50K135.3±0.5*185.3±0.5*29.3±0.750Ah1.395±0.05KGT:+0~55℃5CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 3C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
EVELF80A130.3±0.5*170.5±0.5*36.7±0.582Ah1.68±0.05KGT:+0~55℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng48173125-100Ah173.9±0.5*132.2±0.8*48±0.5100Ah≤2.30KGT:+0~60℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF105130.3±0.5*200.5±0.5*36.7±0.5105Ah1.98±0.1KGT:+0~55℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng53173200-206Ah174.7±0.5*207.1±0.5*53.8±0.5206Ah4.18±0.20KGT:-15~55℃T:15~25℃,0%≤SOC≤60%,0.8CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF230173.9±0.5*207.5±0.5*54.0±1.0230Ah4.11±0.1KGT:+0~60℃2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng71173200-277Ah174.7±0.5*207.1±0.5*71.8±0.5277Ah5.54±0.20KGT:-15~55℃T:15~25℃,0%≤SOC≤60%,0.8CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng71173204-280Ah174.20±0.8*207.1±0.8*71.8±0.5280Ah≤5.5KGT:+0~60℃T:25±2℃,1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF280N173.7±0.3*204.8±0.5*71.5±0.5280Ah5.30±0.30KGT:0~55℃2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C

FAQs for LiFePo4 Battery Packs

  • What we can do for the LiFePo4 battery pack?
    Our lifepo4 batteries are suitable for all 12V-48v vehicle applications (including but not excluding solar street lights, solar storage, solar, power tools and RC hobbies, smart furniture). Compared to our competitors, our batteries are designed to be safe, reliable and durable.

  • What are LFP battery full charge voltage and discharge cut-off voltage?
    The full charge voltage is 3.65V per cell. The discharge cut-off voltage is 2.5V.

  • How long will my Lifepo4 battery Packs last?
    It depends. HLC batteries are expected to last 5 to 6 years if used under reasonable operating conditions if not considered broken. Under ideal conditions of use and storage, we expect 8 to 10 years.

  • What does the capacity of the LFP battery have?
    Too many models here. They are 6Ah, 10Ah, 20Ah, 50Ah, 100Ah, 200Ah etc.

  • Can I Custom my battery packs?
    Yes, we are willing to custom LFP battery packs based on your innovation.

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