How to replace the lead-acid battery of electric vehicle with lithium battery

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We all know that the state advocates green and sustainable development. After the introduction of the new national standard for the electric vehicle industry, there are strict regulations on various standards for electric vehicles, especially the use of lithium batteries for electric vehicle batteries. will be stricter. On the other hand, enterprises also need to have 3C, UL2580, and ISO12405 certificate,s and electric motorcycle qualifications. On the whole, it is more popular to replace the lead-acid battery of an electric vehicle with a lithium battery.

The method of replacing the lead-acid battery of an electric vehicle with a lithium battery is as follows:

  • Know what kind of battery your current electric vehicle is using, the discharge capacity and rate of the battery (what is the maximum discharge); the recommended replacement lithium battery is the same as the original battery of the electric vehicle in terms of discharge;
  • Know the maximum allowable power of the electric vehicle motor. It is recommended that the maximum discharge power of the lithium battery should be lower than the maximum allowable power of the electric vehicle motor to prevent the motor from burning out;
  • Understand the specifications of electric vehicle wiring wires, check the maximum current allowed by the wires, and prevent the wires from being burned due to excessive current;
  • Understand the allowable current limit of other electronic components of electric vehicles, it is recommended that the current should be less than the allowable current limit value;
  • The size of the lithium battery is the size of the appearance. Generally speaking, the lithium battery with the same capacity and discharge is much smaller than the lead-acid battery. Therefore, there will be gaps where the battery is placed in the electric vehicle. It can be filled with insulating materials to prevent the battery from loosening, frequent vibration or excessive. more, there will be security incidents;
  • For the selection of lithium battery capacity, it is generally recommended to choose the same capacity as the original battery of the electric vehicle. Generally, it is recommended to choose less than twice the capacity. If the capacity is too large, safety accidents may occur;
  • The choice of lithium battery types, there are several types of lithium batteries for electric vehicles that can be considered at present. 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries, Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries and Lithium Polymer Batteries. Generally speaking, in terms of price, if the lithium battery cells are new, the polymer lithium battery has the highest price, the lithium iron phosphate battery is the second, and the 18650 lithium battery is the lowest, because the polymer lithium battery has a higher density-energy ratio, and the same Under the capacity specification, the weight is much lighter; in terms of safety performance, lithium iron phosphate batteries are better, followed by 18650 lithium batteries. So it depends on your own financing options.
  • In terms of the battery voltage, it should be noted that when replacing the lithium battery with the original lead-acid battery, it needs to be consistent with the voltage of the original car battery, the capacity can be increased, and the battery life can be longer. Even with the same capacity, the mileage and life of lithium batteries will be longer. Secondly, it should be noted that the original charger cannot be charged with lithium batteries, and a special charger needs to be purchased separately or customized.
  • Will the battery life be longer if the lead-acid battery of an electric vehicle is replaced by a lithium battery? In normal use, although the high-current discharge characteristics of the lithium battery itself are a shortcoming, frequent starting on a congested road will affect the battery life, but the purchased lithium If the battery is produced by a regular manufacturer and has a bms management system, its life is much longer than that of lead-acid batteries.

From the perspective of the country’s green and sustainable development direction, lead-acid batteries are more harmful to environmental pollution, while lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly, so it is more likely that lithium batteries will replace lead-acid batteries.

Except the motorcycle preferred lithium batteries, people tend to replace lithium-ion batteries for RV, monitoring, wind power, solar power, home solar, and street solar light. Below attached different temp discharge curves, different discharge rate curves, open short circuit VS SOC, and different DOD discharge cycle life curves.

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