How to charge LiFePo4 battery

SL1215 lfp battery

The answer is simple. Please try to get the appropriate lifepo4 battery charger. To meet LFP battery pack charge principle CCCV. Its constant current is recommended 0.2C rate. Its constant voltage is recommended 3.65V*X(X equals series number.) When it charges by 0.2C rate to 3.65V*X, it will return to constant voltage & current to charge. Once its charging current becomes to 0.1C or 0.05C rate, it is full-charged. People also called it trickle charge. Except the core solution of charging, please also pay attention to following points:

Make sure the charger work well

Please check whether the LiFePo4 battery charger well as good appearance. It must keep the isolation well in case of any wires bared. Ensure the female connector and male connector of lifepo4 battery are matched. I will also mention whether it charges to the whole device or only battery itself at below paragraph.

Charging Temperature 0~45℃

Most lifepo4 cell charge temperature ranges from 0~45℃. It will damage the cycle number when temp below 0 or higher 45℃. We will prepare a self-heated function while it requires working in a frozen situation. Correspondingly, it requires making it cooler when it is getting hot. The more recommended temperature it works, the perform will be great.

Discharge Temperature -20~60℃

If you discharge out of the temperature suggested, its discharge effective rate will be lower. It may only discharge effectively 50% when at -40℃. Low-temperature pre-heating is also part of the battery thermal management system. This technology can pre-heat the battery at low temperatures to reach the ideal temperature for lithium ion activity, effectively improving low-temperature charging efficiency and battery effective capacity, thereby solving the problem of discounted battery life in winter. question.

No need to charge after using the LFP battery every time

LiFePo4 battery is a kind of lithium battery. It does not have a memory feature. Lithium-ion batteries can be charged at any time, and the charging time should not be too long, usually about three hours. Lithium-ion batteries do not have this effect, but have a similar inertia effect, which means that the chemical substances in the battery do not participate in the reaction for a long time and become lazy and will not react in the future, and deep charging and deep discharging are useless.

How to Charge LiFePo4 Batteries Using a Lead-Acid Charger

Can’t. If the voltage is consistent, lithium batteries can be charged with lead-acid batteries, but lead-acid batteries cannot be charged with lithium batteries, because lithium batteries have higher safety requirements.

In order to overcome the large internal resistance of lead-acid battery, the lead-acid battery charger increases the charging voltage by about 5% during constant current charging. That is to say, if you choose the same voltage charger, the voltage will be higher when the lithium battery is powered. One point, because the internal resistance of lead-acid is large, in order to achieve efficiency in constant current charging, the constant voltage is increased at constant current, which is very detrimental to lithium batteries and affects the service life of lithium batteries.

LiFePo4 battery charger
LiFePo4 battery charger

LiFePo4 battery series combination

The LiFePo4 cell nominal voltage 3.2V. Generally, the lifepo4 battery replace lead acid battery is 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V lifepo4 battery pack. It requires voltage gap 0.1V to ensure battery consistency. Below is charger nominal votage VS LiFePo4 battery nominal voltage:

12.8V battery with 14.6V charger

25.6V battery with 29.2V charger

38.4V battery with 43.8V charger

51.2V battery with 57.6V charger

Please read below precautions:

  • Do not frequently deep charge and discharge.
  • Do not overcharge, overdischarge, or overcurrent when charging and discharging.
  • When charging and discharging, the current of the charger and the current load of the electrical appliance must be within the specified range.
  • Effect of working environment on lithium iron phosphate battery
  • How to maintain the lithium iron phosphate battery without long-term use

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