Facial Massage Gun Power Supply

Since 2014, we have been producing different lithium-ion battery packs for many powered fields. It is applied to the portable massagers, especially facial massage guns. Among many groups who are addicted to fitness, the fascia gun is very popular and the frequency of use is also very high.

The current most used battery for facial massage guns is 18650 2S1P, 3S1P and 6S1P battery packs. They support fast discharge current for powerful energy. We help periarthritis of shoulder quickly relieve pain. They are widely used to different brands of massage gun.

Fascia Gun with battery

How to charge the fascia gun?

Pull the battery pack out of the fascia gun and charge it with a dedicated charger. After six hours of charging, the LED light stops flashing and the meter is fully charged. The LED bar on the battery light flashes regularly to show the battery level, indicating that it is charging. It is not recommended to drain the battery completely to the red LED level. Generally, you can directly follow the instructions in the manual.

fascia gun

Is the fascia gun rechargeable or battery?

There is a battery inside the fascia gun, and we usually need to charge it without changing the battery. The fascia gun produces 2000-3000 vibrations per minute, and the gun head impacts the target part of the body to help the muscles and soft tissues relax and recover, and promote blood circulation. At the same time, it can effectively dissipate a large amount of creatine produced by the human body due to fatigue in sports, work and life, and has a very good effect on relieving body fatigue.

facial massage gun

How long does the fascia gun last when fully charged?

It can be used for 3 hours when fully charged. After powering on, the green light strip at the bottom lights up, and the power indicator lights up at the same time, so you can always know the power status. Press the gear selection button and you can start using it, and the operation is still very simple.

mini facial gun

Can the fascia gun lose weight?

Can’t lose weight. The fascia gun is mainly used to relieve the tension of muscles and fascia. It does not have the function of losing weight. If you want to achieve the effect of losing weight, you need to exercise for a long time and control your diet before you can see certain results.

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The fascia gun battery is exhausted and cannot be charged

  • Fascia gun temperature is too high. When the temperature of the main body of the fascia gun is too high, it will not be able to be charged when it is connected to the charger. Solution: Stand still for 2 hours in an environment below 40 degrees Celsius, and then perform the charging operation.

  • Charger temperature is too high. When the fascia gun is charged in an environment above 40 degrees Celsius, the charger will trigger overheat protection and cannot be charged normally. Solution: Stand still for 2 hours in an environment below 40 degrees Celsius, and then perform the charging operation.

Two often asked questions

The reason why the fascia gun cannot be turned on:

The main reason is that the temperature is too high. If the fascia gun is used in an environment above 40 degrees Celsius, the fascia gun may be punished for overheating protection, and the host will not be able to boot normally.

Solution: Stand still for 2 hours in an environment below 40 degrees Celsius, and then turn it on for use.

Why is the battery level at “0”:

When the battery is dead, if the user does not charge for a long time, the battery will produce low-power protection, which is collectively referred to as over-discharge protection. At this time, the fascia gun cannot work normally if the power is turned on again.

Solution: Keep the power off, connect the charger to let the fascia gun enter the charging mode, and then turn on the fascia gun after it is fully charged, and it will work normally.

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