Custom Lithium Polymer Battery Packs

The battery pack is a lithium battery pack. A battery pack is formed by multiple series/parallel of single cells; Shenzhen HLC battery technology co.,ltd specializes in the production of polymer lithium batteries. More, according to customer requirements to customize the battery pack. They can be 7.4V, 11.1V for different li-ion battery models. 

custom lithium polymer battery packs

The advantages of lithium polymer battery packs

  1. Long life: the cycle life of normal use can reach more than 500 times.
  2. High capacity density: its capacity density is 1.5 to 2.5 times that of nickel-metal hydride batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries, or higher.
  3. The working voltage of the single battery is as high as 3.6V, and it can be 2 series, 3 series, and other multi-series battery packs.
  4. No memory effect: It is not necessary to empty the remaining power before charging, which is convenient to use.
  5. Good safety performance: The polymer lithium-ion battery pack adopts aluminum-plastic flexible packaging in structure, which is different from the metal casing of the liquid battery. Once a safety hazard occurs, the liquid battery is easy to explode, while the polymer battery will only gas at most.

Lithium Battery Process Work Flow

We are a professional lithium battery factory in China. Now we briefly introduce how to produce lithium batteries. It starts from cathode & anode mixing, coating, baking, calendering, automatic slitting & cutting, winding, top & side sealing, electrolyte injection, pressing formation, forming, capacity grading, OCV1 & OVC2, cell to PCB, insulation and shipping. Welcome to contact and ask for the workflow table list.

How to charge 18650 lithium ion battery pack?

When charging a new battery, it should be noted that when using a lithium battery, the battery will enter a dormant state after being placed for a period of time. At this time, the capacity is lower than the normal value, and the use time is also shortened.

But lithium batteries are easy to activate, as long as 3-5 normal charge-discharge cycles can activate the battery and restore its normal capacity. Due to the characteristics of the lithium battery itself, it has almost no memory effect. Therefore, in the activation process of the new lithium battery in the user’s mobile phone, no special method or equipment is required.

Do not frequently deep discharge, deep charge. However…., after every 30 charging cycles, the power detection chip will automatically perform a deep discharge and deep charge to accurately evaluate the state of the battery.

If it is not used for a long time, please store it with 40% to 60% of the charging capacity. When the battery is too low, it may cause over-discharge due to self-discharge. Since lithium-ion batteries will naturally age when they are not in use, they should be purchased according to actual needs and should not be purchased too much.

lithium-ion battery packs are commonly used in a broad spectrum of applications, including:

  • Street light. high mass lights, solar street light, smart outdoor light.

  • Military device. navigation & GPS, military communication device, hunting equipment.

  • Bluetooth speaker, outdoor speaker, gaming speaker, portable speaker.

  • Electric robotics, smart robotics, floor vacuum, handheld vacuum.

How to figure out how long a polymer battery will last?

  • First get the current of the electrical equipment.
  • Then divide the battery capacity by the current of the electrical equipment and the result is the usable time.
  • A 3000mAH battery with a rated voltage of 5V supplies power to an electrical device with a power consumption of 2.5W and a voltage of 5V. Its theoretical use time is:


    3000mAh, that is, 3000MA current can discharge for one hour,

    3000/500=6 hours

  • The battery operating time is calculated as follows:

    Battery working time = battery capacity/battery rated power.

lithium battery charging

What causes a lithium polymer battery to swell?

There may be two reasons for the bulge of the battery.

One is the problem of the manufacturing level of the polymer lithium battery, the electrode coating is uneven, and the production process is relatively rough;

The second is the problem of overcharge and over-discharge during use. These two factors will cause a violent reaction similar to a short circuit in the battery during use, generating a large amount of heat, which in turn causes the electrolyte to decompose and vaporize, and the battery swells up.

battery swell

How to make a lithium polymer battery?

Method 1. Slurrying Mix the powdered positive and negative active materials with a special solvent and a binder, and stir them evenly at a high speed to make a slurry of positive and negative materials.

Method 2: Coating Film The prepared slurry is evenly coated on the surface of the metal foil, dried, and made into positive and negative pole pieces respectively.

Method 3. The assembly is placed in the order of positive electrode sheet-diaphragm-negative electrode sheet-diaphragm from top to bottom, and the battery pole core is formed by winding, and then the process of injecting electrolyte and sealing is completed, that is, the battery is completed. Assembly process to make the finished battery.

Method 4. Formation: Use special battery charging and discharging equipment to conduct charge and discharge tests on the finished batteries, test each battery, and screen out qualified finished batteries for delivery.

Need Any Custom Lithium-ion Polymer Battery?

3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery Specification

803040 3.7V 800mAh chargeable battery

402035 3.7V 250mAh polymer battery

103048 3.7V 1000mAh pouch battery

Product & Factory Certificates

  • All batteries are require related certification apart from lab testing, such as voltage, current measure, and each countries have different certificate demand.
  • Clients are welcome to have any 3rd party certification company verify our batteries or the factory documents.
  • We have been working with UL, TUV, SGS certication lab. All batteries approved by UL1642, UN38.3, IEC62133, PSE, KC, CB, MSDS certificate or report.
battery certificate

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FAQ of lithium-ion battery pack

  • Lithium-ion battery storage temperature

    The battery should be stored at room temperature, and charged to 40%~60% electric quantity.

  • What is the lifespan of a lithium polymer battery?
    The average lithium battery is between 500 and 800 times. 
  • How long to get samples?
    Generally, 7-10 days lead time for small quantity samples.
  • How to ship a lithium polymer battery?
    By sea & air.

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