Custom Lithium ion Battery Pack

Custom li-ion battery packs provide enhanced power solutions for all types of portable power applications. Custom lithium-ion battery packs are designed to your unique specifications and can be built to function to the exact specifications of your project. Custom portable lithium battery packs provide the power and custom solutions your application needs to perform at its fullest.

Lithium-Ion Custom Power Pack Engineering & Design Strategies

assembly principle

The main cause of safety hazards such as lithium-ion fire is the imbalance of the cells. In view of the imbalance between the cells in the charging and discharging process of the lithium-ion battery pack, based on the best priority idea, a new balance strategy for lithium-ion battery packs is proposed. .

This strategy analyzes the change law of the two key characteristic factors of lithium battery cell voltage and capacity, based on the best priority idea, determines its comprehensive influence degree, seeks the best path of balance, and realizes the charging, discharging, and shelving of lithium batteries in different states. The balanced adjustment of the lithium-ion battery can achieve the goal of balanced adjustment of the lithium-ion battery pack and provide a guarantee for the reliable energy supply of the lithium-ion battery. Our design implementation strategy can include:

  • Analyze battery options from various manufacturers and chemicals.
  • Configuration options to maximize performance and minimize cost.
  • Detailed specification analysis with a clear focus on application requirements.

Lithium-Ion custom battery pack applications

Because of its high energy, high battery voltage, wide operating temperature range, and long storage life, lithium-ion batteries are widely used in energy storage power systems such as water power, thermal power, wind power and solar power plants.

Uninterruptible power supply for post and telecommunications, as well as power tools, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric vehicles, military equipment, aerospace and other fields. And with its unique performance advantages, it has been widely used in portable appliances such as laptop computers, cameras, and mobile communications.

As mentioned above, the range of application equipment for custom lithium batteries is very wide.
7.4V lithium battery pack is a multi-series and multi-parallel lithium battery pack, which is widely used in notebook batteries, LED flashlights, digital cameras, manufacturers of miner’s lamps, medical equipment, emergency lights, etc., can play a very good role in protecting electrical appliances. high energy density, high voltage, no pollution, no metal lithium, high cycle life, no memory effect, fast charging.

lithium battery pack application

1. Application field
Cordless phones, mobile phones, fax machines, mobile POS machines
2. Audiovisual equipment
Video cameras, portable stereos, MD players, portable DVD and VCD players, wireless speakers
3. Electronic equipment
Laptops/Tablets/Netbooks, PDAs, Portable Printers, Smart Vacuum Cleaners, GPS Navigators
4. Industrial instrument
Flaw detectors, laser detectors, atmospheric samplers, water quality detectors, laser pointers, optical fiber fusion splicers, frequency selection leveling meters
5. Medical instruments
Monitors, ECG machines, B-ultrasound machines, ventilators, laser blood collection machines

Custom lithium ion battery pack assembly advantage

  • High working voltage

    Using carbonaceous lithium intercalation compounds such as graphite or petroleum coke instead of metal lithium as the negative electrode will reduce the battery voltage. However, due to their low lithium intercalation potential, the voltage loss can be minimized. At the same time, selecting a suitable lithium intercalation compound as the positive electrode of the battery and selecting an appropriate electrolyte system (determining the electrochemical window of the lithium ion battery pack) can make the lithium ion battery pack have a higher working voltage (-4V), which is much higher than in aqueous system batteries.

  • High energy density

    Higher operating voltage and volumetric specific capacity determine the higher energy density of secondary lithium-ion batteries. Compared with Ni-Cd batteries and Ni-MH batteries, which are widely used at present, secondary lithium-ion batteries have the highest energy density and still have great development potential.

  • Good safety performance and long cycle life

    The reason why the battery using metal lithium as the anode is unsafe is that the structure of the positive electrode of the lithium ion battery changes and the porous dendrite is formed. It can pierce the separator and cause an internal short circuit, and lithium-ion batteries do not have this problem and are very safe.

  • Low self-discharge rate

    The lithium-ion battery pack adopts a non-aqueous electrolyte system, and the lithium-intercalation carbon material is thermodynamically unstable in the non-aqueous electrolyte system. During the first charge and discharge process, a solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) film will be formed on the surface of the carbon negative electrode due to the reduction of the electrolyte, allowing lithium ions to pass through but not electrons, and allowing the electrode active materials of different charge states to pass through. In a relatively stable state, it has a low self-discharge rate.

  • Clean and pollution-free

    Lithium-ion battery packs do not contain toxic substances such as lead, fortune, mercury, etc. At the same time, because the battery must be well sealed, very little gas is released during use, causing no pollution to the environment.

  • High current efficiency

    Unlike any previous secondary batteries with aqueous systems, lithium-ion batteries do not generate gas during normal charge and discharge processes, and the current efficiency is close to 100%, which is particularly suitable for use as batteries for power storage and conversion.

lithium battery advantage

Quality Products

  • Our lithium-ion battery pack conforms to Li-ion battery national standard GB/T18287/2020.
  • Each battery meets the demand of Rohs2.0 REACH requirements
  • With ZERO complaint principle to proceed all manufacturer works.
  • We will help you to get all the necessary certificates, some of the commonly known ones are listed below:
    UN 38.3
    IEC 62133
    UL 2054
    Air & Sea Transportation Report
quality product

How to customize lithium ion battery pack

Product Application Details: We need you to fill out the Product Application Form, which we will check to make sure it is complete and clear.

Feasibility Evaluation and Project Initiation: The project manager will organize the project team to evaluate its feasibility in terms of EE, mechanism, software, electrochemistry, process, quality and supply chain. Then, a feasibility study report will be issued for the project manager to approve the project launch.
The product design and review project manager will organize the R&D team to start product design, including ID designers, mechanical engineers, EE engineers, battery engineers, and software engineers.

Design Verification and Review: Prototype samples are verified, including but not limited to schematics, PCBA layout, ID, mechanical design, software design, battery performance, sample fabrication and testing, problems and solutions, EB1, tooling, commissioning, samples Fully tested and approved by customers.
Process validation and trial operation: We will formulate compliance with high-power technical manuals

Product certification test: submit samples for overall testing in accordance with high-power lithium-ion battery product reliability testing standards, and conduct certification testing in an authorized third-party laboratory according to customer requirements.
Project end: To gain client approval, collect and save important documents, summarize.

custom lithium battery pack

Manufactured to National Standard GB/T18287-2020

  • All are producing at 5S & dust free plant. Our daily production is up to 10K pieces.
automatic sorting machines
18650 battery sorting
our workers

Chemical Test

Automatic Welding

Final Testing

  • Cell Formation & Grading
  • Temp & Hum Controller
  • Short-circuit Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Molding System
  • Automatic Welding
  • Automatic Welding
  • Final Test
  • Packing

Need Any Customized Lithium Battery Pack?

You will receive the charge & discharge curve

  • 12S2P Battery Pack, It is a 5A charge & 10A discharge curve test as a sample for your review.
Lithium battery test curve

Time - voltage & current

Lithium battery test performance

Capacity - voltage

Lithium battery test curve

Time - capacity & specific capacity

Lithium battery test curve

Cycle number-charge capacity & discharge capacity & charge specific capacity & discharge specific capacity

Product & Factory Certificates

  • All batteries are require related certification apart from lab testing, such as voltage, current measure, and each countries have different certificate demand.
  • Clients are welcome to have any 3rd party certification company verify our batteries or the factory documents.
  • We have been working with UL, TUV, SGS certication lab. All batteries approved by UL1642, UN38.3, IEC62133, PSE, KC, CB, MSDS certificate or report.
battery certificate

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Why choose us, HlcBattery?

  • Safety & Reliability
    All Battery cells will pass rigorous testing. All Battery Packs are Certified and are compliant with regulatory and safety requirements. 
  • Certifications
    CE, ROHS, FCC certification and high reliability. UL 1642, UL 2054, MSDS, UN 38.3, IEC 62133,KC,PSE,BIS certifications and more available.
  • Customer support
    Quick turn-around on battery assemblies(10-20 Days). 24*7 services are available.

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