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18650 Battery Pack Design

Custom Lithium Battery Packs Applications

Energy storage category: 18650 lithium battery is mainly used in base station power supply, clean energy storage, grid power storage, home solar storage system, etc.

Power category: 18650 lithium battery mainly refers to electric vehicles, electric bicycles, new energy vehicles, etc.

Digital: 18650 lithium batteries are mainly used in mobile phones, tablets, notebook computers, electric toys, MP3/MP4, headphones, power banks, model aircraft, mobile power supplies, etc.

The above is the introduction of the classification, advantages and application fields of the 18650 lithium battery pack. After 30 years of development, the preparation process of 18650 lithium battery pack has been very mature. In addition to the great improvement in performance, its safety is also very perfect. In order to avoid the explosion of the sealed metal casing, the 18650 battery is now equipped with a safety valve on the top. The safety valve is the standard configuration of every 18650 battery and is also the most important explosion-proof barrier.

Lithium Battery Cell Selection

The best 18650 lithium battery pack should be composed of first-line brand cells, and the mainstream capacity ranges from 1800mAh to 3500mAh. The single cell has undergone a series of safety tests and performance tests. After years of quality evaluation, high-quality batteries recommend the following:

Global first-line brand 18650 batteries: SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, LG, SANYO, SONY

China’s first-line brand 18650 batteries: Lishen, BAK, etc.

Smart Battery Management System (BMS)

The core component of the lithium battery protection board is the protection IC. The main materials of the protection board are PCB, magnetic field effect transistor (MOS tube), NTC, PTC, capacitor, resistor, diode, triode, etc.

Overcharge protection: When the voltage of a certain string of the battery pack is greater than the maximum value (overvoltage) and the protection delay is reached, the IC controls the CMOS to turn off the charging circuit.

Over-discharge protection: When the voltage of a certain string of the battery pack is less than the maximum value (under-voltage), and the protection delay is reached, the IC controls the DMOS to turn off the discharge circuit.

Over-current and short-circuit protection: When the output current of the battery pack P+ and P- exceeds the over-current/short-circuit current value and reaches the over-current/short-circuit delay, the control circuit controls the discharge DMOS to turn off the discharge circuit and stop discharging.

High and low temperature protection: When the temperature sensor reaches the temperature threshold and reaches the protection delay, the control circuit controls the charge and discharge MOS tube to turn off and stop the charge and discharge.

The lithium battery protection board also has the functions of power detection, remaining capacity display, battery working status display, communication remote control and other functions.

Housing Structure

According to the needs of electrical appliances, design a matching shell structure, usually plastic shell, metal shell, simple PVC heat shrink, etc.

Quality lithium battery PACK technology

For the 18650 lithium battery pack, the superb PACK capability is very important. It is necessary to have advanced equipment, skilled technical workers, a mature management model, and strict production requirements to ensure that the 18650 lithium battery pack can be welded, tested, There will be no omissions in important links such as aging and pre-shipment testing, and the best 18650 lithium battery pack will be produced.

Battery Pack Testers Equipment

The basic functions of the battery comprehensive tester include:

Battery capacity detection: According to the selected battery type, the number of batteries in series and the battery capacity, the most suitable voltage and current are automatically selected, and a complete charge and discharge test is performed.

The tester can make a quantitative and accurate measurement of some basic parameters of the battery, and can measure the open-circuit voltage, internal resistance, charging and discharging performance of the battery, and the battery capacity, especially for lithium batteries. There are also overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, Over current protection, short circuit protection, and other functions.

At the same time, it also has the function of rapid screening, which can set the upper and lower limits of the measurement parameters, and can easily and quickly detect defective batteries from a batch of finished battery products, which improves the production efficiency.

Lithium battery safe transportation regulations

  • Portable Lithium Batteries: You can carry laptops, mobile phones, cameras and other personal portable electronic devices and spare batteries that contain no more than 100Wh lithium batteries as carry-on luggage on the passenger plane.

  • Restricted Lithium Batteries: Approved by the airline, electronic equipment with lithium batteries exceeding (including) 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh can be carried on board. Each passenger cannot carry more than two such spare lithium batteries and cannot be checked in.

  • Large lithium batteries or electronic equipment exceeding 160Wh are prohibited from being carried or checked in.

  • Backup batteries must be individually protected against short circuits.
Lithium battery safe transportation regulations

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