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Lithium iron phosphate battery is a kind of lithium ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate as positive electrode material and carbon as negative electrode material. Like lithium iron phosphate battery, it has many advantages, such as working voltage, high capacity density, long cycle life and safety performance. Good, and with low self-discharge rate and no memory effect, it is generally used in new energy vehicles, starting power supplies, energy storage markets and some aspects in other fields.

HLC is an industry-leading supplier of custom-manufactured lithium iron phosphate battery packs. Our professional designers can design high-quality custom lithium iron phosphate battery packs that contain all the features your application requires. Guaranteed quality and quick response.

Lifepo4 battery

Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell Characteristics

  1. Higher energy density. The single energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries mass-produced in 2019 reached the level of 175-180Wh/kg, and the single energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries using the lamination process reached 185Wh/kg.

  2. Good safety performance. The electrochemical performance of the cathode material of lithium iron phosphate battery is relatively stable, which determines that it has a stable charging and discharging platform. Therefore, the structure of the battery will not change during the charging and discharging process, and it will not burn and explode.

  3. Long cycle life. Because the lithium iron phosphate battery will only start to decay after the number of charge and discharge cycles is greater than 3500 times, which means that its service life can be as long as about eight years.

Disadvantages of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

  • Poor conductivity. This question is its most crucial question. The reason why lithium iron phosphate has not been widely used so late is an important question. However, this problem can be perfectly solved by adding C or other conductive agents. Laboratory reports can achieve a specific capacity of more than 160mAh/g. The lithium iron phosphate material produced by our company has been added with conductive agent in the production process, do not add it when making batteries. In fact, the material should be: LiFepO4/C, such a composite material.

  • The tap density is low. Generally, it can only reach 1.3-1.5, and the low tap density can be said to be the biggest disadvantage of lithium iron phosphate. This shortcoming determines that it has no advantage in small batteries such as mobile phone batteries. Even if it has low cost, good safety performance, good stability and high cycle times, if the volume is too large, it can only replace lithium cobalt oxide in a small amount. This shortcoming will not be prominent in the power lithium battery. Therefore, lithium iron phosphate is mainly used to make power lithium batteries.

Custom Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack Features

The company is committed to on-demand development, continuous innovation, and continuously improving the ability of customized research and development of products in application environment and electrical performance, and wholeheartedly provides competitive power solutions to global users.

  1. Free design
    Lithium battery pack structure design, fuel gauge smart battery scheme design, power battery protection scheme design, energy storage/backup power control circuit design.

  2. Lithium battery pack technology
    Leading lithium battery multi-parallel series technology, intelligent battery development technology, power battery protection circuit technology, etc., providing a market-competitive technology platform for power tools and other products.

  3. Electricity Meter Electricity Management Technology
    Mastered the core technology of intelligent battery, continuously improved and perfected, and developed many more intelligent circuit solutions for single-cell to seventeen-series lithium battery packs.

  4. Capacity Guarantee
    There are more than 200 employees and a plant area of over 20,000 square meters, involving the design and customized production of lithium batteries in various industries.
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Need Any Customized LiFePo4 Battery?

What we can do for LiFePo4 battery

Below is our LiFePo4 Battery Cell List

BrandsCell ModelDimensionCapacityWeightCharge Temp RangeMax Pulse Charge CurrentContinue Discharge Current
YuHuangLFP26148100-40Ah148.2±0.5*105.5±0.5*26.5(+1/-0)40Ah0.88±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
YuHuangLFP26148129-50Ah148.2±0.5*135.0±0.5*26.5(+1/-0)50Ah1.12±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
YuHuangLFP26148134-50Ah148.2±0.5*140.0±0.5*27.5(+1/-1)50Ah1.15±0.05KGT:+0~55℃2C ≤10SStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF50F148.3±0.5*129.8±0.5*26.7±1.050Ah1.05±0.1KGT:+0~55℃1.2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF50K135.3±0.5*185.3±0.5*29.3±0.750Ah1.395±0.05KGT:+0~55℃5CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 3C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
EVELF80A130.3±0.5*170.5±0.5*36.7±0.582Ah1.68±0.05KGT:+0~55℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng48173125-100Ah173.9±0.5*132.2±0.8*48±0.5100Ah≤2.30KGT:+0~60℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF105130.3±0.5*200.5±0.5*36.7±0.5105Ah1.98±0.1KGT:+0~55℃1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng53173200-206Ah174.7±0.5*207.1±0.5*53.8±0.5206Ah4.18±0.20KGT:-15~55℃T:15~25℃,0%≤SOC≤60%,0.8CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF230173.9±0.5*207.5±0.5*54.0±1.0230Ah4.11±0.1KGT:+0~60℃2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng71173200-277Ah174.7±0.5*207.1±0.5*71.8±0.5277Ah5.54±0.20KGT:-15~55℃T:15~25℃,0%≤SOC≤60%,0.8CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
GanFeng71173204-280Ah174.20±0.8*207.1±0.8*71.8±0.5280Ah≤5.5KGT:+0~60℃T:25±2℃,1CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C
EVELF280N173.7±0.3*204.8±0.5*71.5±0.5280Ah5.30±0.30KGT:0~55℃2CStandard: 0.5C
Continue: 1C

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