Custom Battery Manufacturer

HLC Battery is a premium manufacturer of custom made battery pack for most electronics devices. We provide reliable solutions to each customer’s request. From each prototype to mass production, we can provide technical support and lithium battery samples to trial order support. We can design and manufacture the perfect portable power solution for your needs. It can be suitable for lighting fields, medical devices, power tools, and industrial applications. 

custom 18650 battery pack

Custom 18650 Battery

Since 2014, we have been working on custom 18650 battery pack with over 500 successful projects. From 18650 cell selection, we have long term business relations with top Chinese 18650 cell factories, like CATL, EVE, Roofer and Korean brand Samsung, LG, Sony with different nominal capacity, charge & discharge rate. 

We also design different PCM and BMS for its battery pack. It can be a smart protection board with RS485, RS232 communication protocol. The design of lithium-ion battery pack management system should consider overcharge, overdischarge, overtemperature, battery balance, etc.

When designing the structure, the insulation problem of the positive and negative electrodes should be considered. The environments faced by lithium-ion battery packs in different application fields are different. In terms of mechanical structure design, heat dissipation, heating, waterproofing, shock resistance, etc. should be considered

Top Performance Custom Battery Pack

We are a one-step custom battery manufacturer in China with 10 advanced engineer teams. We focus on the quality lithium battery pack, which includes 18650 battery pack, 21700 li-ion battery pack, 26650 battery pack and other models. Our services are to optimize performance, size, working life, and cost for customers. 

We made several applicants pages who used our lithium battery. It includes solar light, portable massage, smart robotics and consumer electronics. You can visit our application page for reference.

Portable Massager

GPS Tracking System

Smart Robotics

Headlamp Lighting

Meical Devices

Consumer Electronics

Check Out Our Custom Battery Pack

It includes lithium-ion battery pack, polymer battery pack and li-polymer battery pack. Below is just few examples for your refer.

What we can do for you

We can provide

  • We can design and assemble all lithium battery packs, excluding EV car and laptop users.

  • All compulsory certificates are available. UN38.3, IEC62133, KC, CE can be applied when it is needed.

  • Great testing laboratory to support different test reports, like charge & discharge curve, and safety testing report.

  • Powerful production ability. We can accept small orders and mass production schedules with fast lead time.
lithium battery mass production

We are here

All services in one place


After we confirmed the battery pack with details, which includes capacity, voltage, charge & discharge current, work condition, we will try to find a best solution for the custom battery pack.


We will make the lithium ion battery samples within 7 days (include one cycle of charge & discharge), and deliver them out.


After customer evluated and confirmed, we shall start the certificates process, generally UN38.3 is a must.

Mass Production

After the samples testing approved, we will start trial order and mass production schedule. Each production line are under our QC highly strict guideline.

What our customers say

Shayan, Product Manager

Just what I needed to replace my old batteries, these are good quality with a high power rating.
The batteries are working really well as none have yet run out of for what they are being used for.

customer testimonial
Sauli, Development & Quality Manager

With this company, we have no issues with quality, no issues with lead time and the engineering team has been excellent in designing and producing in needed battery solution for our customer needed.

DJ David
David James,CEO

We works with some of the top bands around the world such as Bose, ZAGG etc. We came to HLC with a very specific set of requirements needed to replace a defective battery from another “low cost” supplier. HLC is a great partner.

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FAQ of lithium battery packs

  • What shall customer provide before sampling?

    Please share the voltage, capacity, charge & discharge rate, work temperature, wire & connector info to the mainboard of device.

  • What certificates shall we need?
    It depends. CE and IEC62133 are for Europe countries; PSE is for Japan; KC is for Korea; UN38.3 is for transportation.

  • How long to get samples?
    Generally, 7 days lead time for small quantity samples.

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