10 Best Global Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers

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Lithium ion batteries are gaining popularity as the primary means of providing alternate energy supply. We have curated a list of the top lithium ion battery manufacturers. 

Lithium ion battery
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Lithium ion batteries are some of the most important and highly sought means of powering industrial applications across the world. More and more multinational corporations are making the shift towards alternative energy with the demand of making their practices sustainable. Opting for lithium ion batteries becomes an essential part of it. 

Lithium ion manufacturers across the globe are seeing rising demands of services by both small and medium businesses. It, therefore, becomes necessary to choose a reliable manufacturer so that your customers are always handed quality products. 

List of Best Global Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers

If you do not have time to read through the crucial details of each of these suppliers, we recommend looking at the top manufacturers at a glance. 

  1. Tesla
  2. Panasonic
  3. LG
  4. CATL
  5. BYD
  6. Samsung SDI
  7. SK Innovation
  8. CALB
  9. AESC
  10. PEVE

Top 10 Global Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers

We have seen a dominance of East Asian manufacturers in our list of the biggest lithium ion battery manufacturers on a global level. With that being said, there are some other contenders as well. Here are some of the most reliable options for your business. 


Tesla logo
Image Source: Tesla

Business Type: Automotive and clean energy company

Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States

Years of Experience: 19 years

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001, 14001, 18001

Anyone who has been up to date with the news knows about Tesla and how it is changing the face of technology. While Tesla’s self-driving cars are becoming immensely popular, there is a lot to be said about their lithium ion batteries. 

The Tesla Roadster uses a 900-pound battery with 6,831 individual Li-ion cells. The battery system used in Tesla’s cars is state of the art and the best available in current commercial scenarios. Currently, the biggest lithium ion battery manufacturing facility is owned by Tesla-Panasonic. 

Key Products

  • Smart Cars
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Solar Roof
  • Solar Panels


Panasonic logo
Image Source: Panasonic

Business Type: Electronic technology company

Headquarters: Kadoma, Osaka, Japan

Years of Experience: 96 years

Certificates/Awards: ISO 14001, IATF16949

Panasonic is the co-owner of the Tesla-Panasonic gigafactory in the US for lithium ion battery manufacturing. With nearly a century’s worth of experience, it is natural that Panasonic knows the demands of the industry and creates solutions specifically for them. 

The lithium ion batteries of Panasonic are used for a wide range of applications ranging from mobile phones to electric vehicles. Panasonic caters to both big and small businesses located all around the world as per their needs for safe and efficient lithium ion batteries. 

Key Products

  • Electricity storage systems
  • Backup base stations
  • Cylindrical type Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Pin-type Lithium-ion Batteries


LG Logo
Image Source: LG

Business Type: Consumers electronic company

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Years of Experience: 75 years 

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001, 14001, 45001

LG is a worldwide contender in consumer electronics and deserves this spot on the list of the top 10 lithium ion battery manufacturers in world. LG’s manufacturing focuses on providing batteries and energy storage solutions with respect to motorcycles and household appliances. 

LG’s energy storage systems are made for small and medium businesses and are made with utmost care of quality and efficiency. By capacity, LG is the biggest lithium ion battery manufacturer in the world.

Key Products

  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Air conditioners
  • Refrigerators
  • Projectors


CATL logo
Image Source: CATL

Business Type: Battery manufacturer

Headquarters: Ningde, China

Years of Experience: 11 years

Certificates/Awards: ISO 27001, 50001

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited or CATL is the leading lithium battery manufacturer in the world. CATL is one of the most prominent brands manufacturing energy storage systems and lithium ion batteries. 

They understand the need for commercial application of their services, and your business will be in safe hands with their products. CATL is also thriving as a technology brand and brings out advanced innovation, which is used in their designs and products. CATL is the manufacturer of Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y cars. 

Key Products

  • Energy Storage System
  • Sodium-ion Batteries
  • EVOGO Battery Swap Solution


BYD logo
Image Source: BYD

Business Type: Manufacturing company

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

Years of Experience: 27 years

Certificates/Awards: ISO 14001

BYD or Build Your Dreams is a globally recognized brand for its sustainable solutions and lithium ion batteries. Their manufacturing process is focused on renewable energy sources and efficient energy storage. 

They have also manufactured passenger and commercial vehicles with the use of their energy efficient solutions. Their blade batteries are new in the market and are highly coveted for use in electric vehicles. While they do manufacture batteries, their biggest production unit is the manufacturing of alternative energy vehicles. 

Key Products

  • Batteries
  • Rail Transit
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles

Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI logo
Image Source: Samsung SDI

Business Type: Battery and electronic materials manufacturer 

Headquarters: Yongin-si, South Korea

Years of Experience: 52 years

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001, IATF 16949

Samsung has been a leading producer of electronics and batteries in the global scenario for a long time. They have been producing creative solutions when it comes to batteries for different industrial applications and related energy storage solutions. 

Energy storage solutions take the importance of a long battery life a step further by making them applicable for a wide range of industrial operations. Their energy storage solutions are well equipped to handle demand from small and medium scale businesses. They try to provide the most sustainable solution possible. 

Key Products

  • Small sized lithium ion battery
  • Automotive battery
  • ESS
  • Electronic material

SK Innovation

SK Innovation logo
Image Source: SK Innovation

Business Type: Energy solutions company

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Years of Experience: 15 years

Certificates/Awards: IATF 16949

SK Innovation is focused upon providing energy efficient solutions that will help make the future more resourceful and technologically advanced. SK Innovation is a leading company in South Korea’s energy industry and creates intelligent solutions related to alternative energy. 

The company has partnerships with major automotive companies around the world, which stand testimony to their quality and professionalism. Their EV lithium ion batteries have been on the scene since 1996, and they have only grown in efficiency with time. 

Key Products

  • EV batteries
  • High-energy density electrode
  • SK Separators
  • High-quality Wet Separators


CALB logo
Image Source: CALB

Business Type: Battery manufacturer

Headquarters: Changzhou Jiangsu, China

Years of Experience: 15 years

Certificates/Awards: IATF16949

CALB is a widely chosen manufacturer by small and medium businesses as well as big corporations for their energy solutions and life cycle management. They have a booming market in commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, special applications, and energy storage. 

Their products come in cells and modules that help them cater to a wide variety of businesses and industries. Their battery packs are specially designed with the end-user in mind so that their clients are not disappointed.  

Key Products

  • Passenger vehicle pack
  • Commercial vehicle pack
  • Logistics vehicle pack
  • Energy storage module


AESC logo
Image Source: AESC

Business Type: Battery manufacturer

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Years of Experience: 15 years

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001, IATF 16949

Launched in 2007 by NEC Corporation, Nissan Motor Company, Ltd., and NEC Tokin Corporation, the Automotive Energy Supply Corporation, or AESC, started manufacturing lithium ion batteries in 2010. Their first project was to manufacture batteries for the Nissan FUGA HYBRID, followed by the Nissan LEAF. 

Their batteries and energy storage systems are designed to be more durable and highly reliable in the long run. The applications are varied, and AESC understands the need for customization as per the business needs. 

Key Products

  • Lithium ion battery
  • Customization
  • Flexible Configuration


PEVE logo
Image Source: PEVE

Business Type: Battery manufacturer 

Headquarters: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Years of Experience: 26 years

PEVE is a battery manufacturer with a focus on providing energy efficient solutions that are not found elsewhere among their competitors. They have a specialist team of research and development specifically for providing HV battery systems. 

Their different products are designed with the sole purpose of providing their clients with the best services possible as per their needs. The performance, efficiency, and size of the battery are taken into account as per the business requirements. 

Key Products

  • HV battery systems
  • Battery module
  • Battery pack
  • Battery ECU

Top Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer in China

While there are manufacturers from China mentioned in our list, we cannot ignore the emerging contenders who are going to be the chosen favorite of businesses down the line. If you want a reliable supplier who can provide you with solutions per your business requirements., you will do excellent with HLC Battery. 

HLC Battery

HLC Battery
Source: HLC Battery

Business Type: Manufacturing company

Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Main Markets: Global supplier

Years of Experience: 10 years

Certificates: UN38.3, MSDS, CE, IEC62133, CB, KC

If you are looking for quality lithium ion batteries, HLC Battery is where you can comfortably end your search. With a highly advanced facility for production and product development, your business needs will be met at every step. They have dedicated quality control to give the best to their clients. Their after-sales services are also the reason why they are a hit among their clients. 

Their factory is 200 people strong and is responsible for manufacturing 100,000 sets on a monthly basis. No matter where you are in the world, they will ship to you on time to help your business become a well-known brand. Their production services keep the environment in mind and provide sustainable solutions. 

Key Products

  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Customization services
  • Circuit design and cell selection
  • 18650 7S5P Battery Pack


Now that you know everything to look for in a reliable supplier, consider yourself ready to make the call to your favorite. Lithium ion batteries need to be manufactured with quality in mind, so make sure you only contact the manufacturer you feel the most comfortable with. You can clarify your doubts from experts and get a free quote now. 

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