5 Popular Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers In China

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Looking for lithium ion battery manufacturers China just got easier! Look at our list of the best brands for your battery requirements.

Lithium ion battery

Different businesses are always on the lookout for a better opportunity to present itself. When it comes to procuring supplies, choosing a reliable manufacturer becomes important to save costs and build a good reputation. Lithium ion batteries need to be chosen for a variety of reasons. They not only show the business’ commitment to sustainability but also are used for a longer battery life as compared to other alternatives. So, looking for a brand will be based on their quality control measures, certifications, and experience in the manufacturing industry, which is why we have mentioned all the essential details in our list below.

List of Top Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers In China

China is one of the biggest manufacturers of Lithium ion batteries so looking at the top manufacturers is worth a shot. Here are our top 5 picks:

  1. HLC Battery
  2. CALB
  3. BYD
  4. Gotion High-tech Co.,Ltd
  5. EVE

Top Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers In China

Lithium ion batteries need to be manufactured in controlled conditions so that each set is made to function without any glitches. These top brands from China take care that their batteries are always the best a client can get. 

HLC Battery

HLC Battery logo
Source: HLC Battery

Business Type: Manufacturing company

Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Main Markets: Global supplier

Years of Experience: 10 years

Certificates: UN38.3, MSDS, CE, IEC62133, CB, KC

Lithium ion batteries from HLC Battery are manufactured under the care of 200 people who are employed in the company’s factory. Their manufacturing facility is well equipped to handle the production of 100,000 sets per month. It is a one-stop solution for any business based anywhere in the world. 

With targeted quality control services, this brand ensures that its products are all upholding all the industrial standards. They have after sales services set up as well so that the client can always contact them after the product has been delivered. Their orders in bulk can reach your business anywhere in the world. 

Key Products

  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Customization services
  • 18650 7S5P Battery Pack
  • Circuit design and cell selection


CALB logo
Image Source: CALB

Business Type: Battery manufacturer

Headquarters: Changzhou Jiangsu, China

Years of Experience: 15 years

Certificates/Awards: IATF16949

CALB offers life cycle management and energy solutions to their clients that range from small scale to large scale companies. They cater to businesses that need lithium ion batteries for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, energy storage, and other special applications. 

The lithium ion batteries offered by CALB come in modules and cells and are used by different industries for both daily operations and commercial purposes. Even if you are buying their products in bulk, each of the batteries is designed as per the needs of the end-user.

Key Products

  • Passenger vehicle pack
  • Commercial vehicle pack
  • Energy storage module
  • Logistics vehicle pack


BYD logo
Image Source: BYD

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

Years of Experience: 27 years

Certificates/Awards: ISO 14001

BYD or Build Your Dreams is one of the major lithium ion battery producers in China and endorses its products on the basis of its sustainable practices. Their energy efficient solutions make the battery packs more durable and reliable across different industries. They also use renewable energy sources to produce quality products. 

Their lithium ion battery packs can be used to power passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. They have also introduced blade batteries for the more efficient energy storage solutions. BYD manufactures batteries as well as alternative energy vehicles. 

Key Products

  • Batteries
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Rail Transit
  • Commercial vehicles

Gotion High-tech Co., Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturing and marketing company

Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Years of Experience: 27 years

Certificates/Awards: ECE R100

When it comes to making a global business out of headquarters in China, no one does it better than Gotion High-tech Co.,Ltd. Their technological advancement and research and development facilities work to their advantage as they cater to businesses all around the globe. They are also in the process of expanding their research and development facility on a global level. 

They have their eyes set on bigger goals and want to develop a battery with an energy storage capacity of 300GWh. While they primarily manufacture lithium iron phosphate batteries, they are also significant producers of lithium ion battery packs. 

Key Products

  • Battery Packs
  • Electronics
  • Energy Storage


EVE logo
Image Source: EVE

Business Type: Manufacturing company

Headquarters: Guangdong, China

Years of Experience: 21 years

Certificates/Awards: NECAS 5-star certification, CTEAS 7-star Certification

The fifth largest producer of lithium ion batteries in the world, EVE has to be mentioned in the list because of its quality standards and huge client base. They manufacture both consumer lithium ion batteries and power solutions. 

Their biggest advantage over their competitors is their technologically advanced approach in their manufacturing facilities. Their manufacturing process is focused on being sustainable, so they do not defeat the purpose of providing alternative energy solutions. EVE has independent intellectual property rights to its prediction techniques

Key Products

  • Primary Lithium Battery
  • Consumer Li-ion Battery
  • Prismatic LFP/NCM Cell
  • Pouch NCM Cell


Looking for lithium ion manufacturers in China will not be difficult especially when you have such great choices. However, you may still feel confused before making the final decision. Luckily, you can contact the experts to dispel any doubts. Get a free quote based on your business needs now. 

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