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18650 Custom Battery Pack Mfg

The number 18650 only reflects the size specification. As for voltage, electricity and other electrical performance specifications are customized according to different technical capabilities and product requirements.


Short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge protection


Heating, crush, impact, drop, vibration, and nail test


500 cycles of charge & discharge. Low self-consumption.

18650 Custom Battery Pack

  • Widely used in major electronic applicants.
  • The cycle life of normal use can reach more than 500 times.
  • High safety performance, non-explosive, non-toxic, non-polluting.
  • Can be combined in series or parallel to form 18650 li-ion battery pack.
  • No memory effect No need to drain the remaining battery.

HLC helps you with high-quality lithium batteries.
Safe, Durable, Reliable.

Applications of 18650 custom battery pack

The application field of 18650 lithium battery is really too extensive. When a senior battery engineer analyzed the application field and application prospect of 18650 lithium battery, he found that it is really ubiquitous and pervasive. Basically, 18650 lithium battery is used for charged equipment. All solutions can be involved. Its huge market has also made the 18650 lithium battery one of the industry-standard products. With the advancement of technology, the application field of 18650 lithium batteries is constantly making breakthroughs in new fields. Let’s take a look at this. For the horror market of 18650 lithium battery applications.

  • electric tools, power drill, cordless tool, electric impact wrench, cordless power tool.
  • emergency light, flashlight & torch, camping light, security light, solar light.
  • industrial device, power testing tool.
  • solar light, street light, garden light.

Steps for production

Clean Cells

Clean the surface of each cell. Ion cleaning is used here to ensure that the contaminants in the process do not adhere to the bottom of the cell.

Cell Glue

Before assembling the cells, the surface should be coated with glue. In addition to the fixed use, the use of glue can also serve the purpose of insulation and heat dissipation.

Welding PCM

The battery modules are mostly welded by aluminum end plates and side plates, which are laminated and welded by robots.

Binding Harness

After the welding monitoring system accurately locates the welding position, it binds the wire harness isolation board material barcode to the MES production scheduling management system to generate a separate code for traceability.

Series-parallel laser welding

Through automatic laser welding, the connection between the pole and the connecting piece is completed, and the battery is connected in series and parallel.

Performance Check

Check the full performance of the module before going offline, including module voltage/resistance, battery cell voltage, withstand voltage test, and insulation resistance test.

How to select a good 18650 battery pack

Check appearance and package

There are no burrs, cracks, stains, pinholes, leakage and other appearance defects on the surface.

Size Check

It requires to meet the defined wire length, wire model, battery size(length, width, thickness). Of course, it has some tolerance

Performance Review

All batteries come with short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge protection. Less than resistance and conform to delivery voltage.

Capacity test

Generally, it shall meet the minimal capacity based on 0.2C rate discharge current. You can test based on 0.5C rate.

Cell safety

The cell shall pass following testing items: external short-circuit test, heating test, crush test, impact test, drop test.

Temperature test

It requires to meet discharge performance at high & low temperature, such as 55℃ and -10℃ with 0.2C rate.

81.4V 30A battery pack

As shown in the picture on the above, it is a battery pack that comes out in series and parallel, and its capacity is 81.4V/30Ah.
It must be noted that when choosing 18650 lithium batteries in series and parallel, the consistency of the selected single-cell battery is better. If the single-cell difference is too large, it will cause damage after a long time.

How to assemble battery packs of different capacities?

Some people have disassembled Tesla’s battery packs. There are more than 7,000 18650 batteries in total. So many battery packs are connected in series and in parallel together. The series type is to increase the total voltage of the battery pack, and the parallel type is to expand the capacity of the battery pack. Commonly called in the industry A few strings together.

In order to assemble a 60V battery pack, take a single 2000mAh 18650 as an example, only need to 60/3.7=16 18650 A 59.2V battery pack can be obtained by connecting in series. These 16 cells are called a string. If more capacity is required, multiple strings need to be connected in parallel.


How to calculate battery run time

As we know, it is a key parameter of discharge time while designing a new device. It will affect the end consumer work experience, of course, the engineer wanna a longer last time and a cheap battery pack. 

Now we briefly evaluate the battery running time by the below formula.

Discharging Time=Battery Capacity*Battery Volt/Device Watt.

For a 18650 2600mAh(2.6Ah) battery with a device that draws 500mA(0.5A) you have: 2.6Ah/0.5A=5.2 Hours. However, it is just a theory. At real life, we must consider the peak current, loading, and whole consumption of device.

time showing

Domestic 18650 Li-ion Battery Brand Ranking

  • Lishen. At present, the company has an annual production capacity of 500 million ampere-hour lithium-ion batteries. The products include four series of round, square, polymer and plastic flexible packaging, and power lithium batteries with hundreds of models.
  • BYD. It is mainly engaged in the automobile industry including new energy vehicles, and actively develops other new energy products including solar power stations, energy storage power stations, LEDs and electric forklifts by using its own technological advantages.
  • BAK. The company’s products are mainly lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, including mobile phone batteries, notebook computer batteries, digital batteries, power lithium batteries, etc.
  • ATL. With huge R&D investment and professional talent advantages, ATL continues to promote the advancement of technology, and achieves industry leadership through technical advantages such as materials, structures, processes, charging methods, and system design.
  • EVE. Core businesses such as lithium primary batteries, lithium ion batteries, and power supply systems have been formed. The products cover markets such as smart grid, smart transportation, smart security, energy storage, new energy vehicles, and special industries.
18650 rechargeable battery

18650 battery pack connectors available

Right image is some of our 18650 battery connectors. They are XTR30U, XT30U, XT60U, XT60H. Of course, we can meet customers with unique demands. 

HLC helps you with high-quality lithium batteries.
Safe, Durable, Reliable.

You will receive the charge & discharge curve

  • 18650 Battery Pack, It is 5A charge & 10A discharge curve test as a sample for your review.
Lithium battery test curve

Time - voltage & current

Lithium battery test curve

Capacity - time

Chinese 18650 Cell List

BAK- 18650C422003.718.365.044.0
BAK-C18650CE30003.718 465 049 0

Overseas 18650 Cell List

LG-18650 HE225003.718.365.048.0
LG-18650 HD220003.718.365.048.0
LG-INR18650 MH132003.718.3965.1549.0
LG-INR18650 HG230003.718.3965.1549.0
LG-LG18650 MJ135003.718.3965.1549.0



How long do lipo batteries last?

The theoretical life of lithium iron phosphate battery is 500 charge-discharge cycles, that is, once a day, it can also last for more than 1 year.

Can you fully discharge a lipo battery?

Deep discharge and deep charge and shallow discharge and shallow charge have little difference in the impact of lithium battery life. In fact, shallow discharge and shallow charge are more beneficial for lithium polymer battery.

Is lipo battery better?

It supports to custom different size, shape, capacity. No smoking and fire case.

What's your main product line?

We mainly produce 3.7V, 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V lipo battery pack for different applicants. You can also get other custom lipo battery based on customer demand.

What's leadtime for lipo batteries?

We will deliver out withou 7~10 days. Within these days, we will do at least 1 cycle of charge & discharge. It will take 30 days or more for general order. We suggest that please allow give us a little more time for aging and cycle test. It benefits a lot.

How do I maintain my lithium polymer battery?

Less than 1 month: -20℃~+45℃; Less than 6 months:-10℃~+35℃

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01 Security is Paramount

At HLC, we follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients, as well as internally. We educate our team and our clients on battery security to keep safe. We got your back!

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We are happy to say that after our hard work and persistence, we have received praise from our customers, thank you for their support, and we will continue to work hard.

DB Technology works with some of the top brands around the world such as Bose, ZAGG, Victrola etc. We came to HLC with a very specific set of requirements needed to replace a defective battery from another “low cost” supplier. Henglichi not only met or exceeded all the specifications, including safety tests, they actually beat the previous vendors price!

DJ David
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With this company, we’ve had no issues with quality, no issues with lead times and the engineering support has been excellent in designing and producing the needed battery solution for our customer’s needs. Even better, all testing services have worked perfectly to accommodate international sales with the required certifications.

customer testimonial
Saili Development and Quality Manager

Just what I needed to replace my old batteries, these are good quality batteries with a high power rating. The batteries are working really well as none have yet run out of charge for what they are being used for. I bought over 30x batteries of this company for kids toys and hand held home items. Cheaper then branded batteries and works the same.

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