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12V lithium batteries are connected in series with 3 or 4 lithium batteries. In the combined battery pack, the battery’s capacity is determined according to the capacity of a single cell, or the capacity of the batteries connected in parallel, is a new type of safe and environmentally friendly battery.

We, HLC, have been producing different lithium-ion battery packs since 2014. They can be 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V, or others. Ref the cell selection can be 18650 lithium-ion battery, li-polymer battery, and LiFePo4 battery packs. Quality is our company’s proof and soul. We always believe we will benefit from them.

12V li-polymer battery
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How many cells in a 12v lithium ion battery

12V lithium battery is connected with 3 or 4 lithium batteries in series.

Nominal voltage: 11.1V

Nominal Capacity: There is no standard capacity for capacity, it is determined according to the specific requirements of electrical appliances or equipment

Dimension: The dimension of the 12V lithium battery should be determined according to the capacity of the battery, and there is no uniform specification. The larger the battery capacity, the larger the volume.

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How to make 12v lithium battery

  • Large capacity 12V lithium battery assembly method

    The design principle of the large-capacity 12V lithium battery is to assemble and process multiple 3.7V lithium batteries. When making a large-capacity 12V lithium battery, it must be assembled in parallel. Only the large-capacity 3.7V lithium-ion battery pack can be assembled in parallel. The capacity of the battery is the largest, and then the larger the number of cells in series and parallel, the greater the capacity of the battery assembled.

  • 12V polymer lithium battery assembly

    The assembly of 12V polymer lithium battery is even simpler. The principle of 12V polymer lithium battery assembly is to connect polymer lithium batteries in 3 series, but when customizing the connection of polymer 12V lithium ion battery, a battery protection board must be added, and then through the laser Welding technology, battery soldering technology, and PACK lithium-ion battery finished product processing technology are mixed together, but for cylinders, it is relatively rare for polymer 12V lithium-ion battery customization to use this method.

  • 12V lithium iron phosphate battery assembly

    The nominal voltage of the lithium-ion battery pack made of this lithium iron phosphate material is generally called 12.8V, and some battery technicians call it a 12.8V lithium-ion battery pack. Of course, the customized technical requirements for lithium iron phosphate 12V lithium-ion battery are more stringent. It adopts a 4-series battery structure, which can customize 26650 lithium-ion batteries or 18650 lithium-ion battery packs through 4-series technology for PACK processing and assembly, and then make lithium iron phosphate 12V lithium-ion battery customized products.

  • 18650 12V lithium battery

    That is to say, multiple cylindrical cells are designed in series and parallel to form a corresponding 12V lithium battery pack, but one thing must be to meet the customer’s battery size, voltage capacity, and overcurrent requirements to be considered as qualified cylindrical 12V lithium battery assembly.

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How to charge 12v lithium battery

  1. The red binding post is the positive (+) of the 12v lithium-ion battery.
  2. The black terminal is the negative (-) of the Li-ion battery.
  3. Turn off the switch of the electrical appliance before use, and then connect wires.
  4. Connect the positive step of the appliance power to the bright red connector and the negative step to the gray-black connector.
  5. Turn the power switch on and off after accurate calibration.
  6. Follow the reverse procedure for installation after shutdown to remove wiring.
  7. To inquire about battery usage, tap Show battery auto switch.
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How long does a 12v lithium battery last

Lithium-ion batteries can generally be charged and discharged 300-500 times. It is better to partially discharge the lithium-ion battery rather than fully discharge it, and try to prevent frequent full discharges.

The theoretical life tested by a lithium-ion battery manufacturer on a production line under test conditions may not necessarily be achieved by your battery. For your battery, it is: actual charging times × discharge depth = actual battery life. Once the concept of cycle life is clarified, we can distinguish it from what sellers/consumers call “charge times” and “charge times”.

Applications of 12V lithium battery

Chinese 18650 Battery Cell List

BAK- 18650C422003.718.365.044.0
BAK-C18650CE30003.718 465 049 0

Overseas 18650 Battery Cell List

LG-18650 HE225003.718.365.048.0
LG-18650 HD220003.718.365.048.0
LG-INR18650 MH132003.718.3965.1549.0
LG-INR18650 HG230003.718.3965.1549.0
LG-LG18650 MJ135003.718.3965.1549.0

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