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Hlcbattery can help design your specific model and make it safe & durable! What’s more, the manufacturing & delivery time is guaranteed with our factory!

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Hlcbattery can guarantee you the unique 18650 battery with different series and parallels for your newest innovation. It can be based on the Standard of UL, EN62133 and GB31241.

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Hlcbattery can work with them from samples to mass production delivery. We also take care of the quality and delivery time based on purchase agreement.

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Lithium Battery & Energy Storage Manufacturer

Hlcbattery is a professional lithium-ion battery factory with 10 years of working experience. Our factory houses more than 200 people and achieves a monthly output of 100,000 sets.

Hlcbattery offers different combinations of series and parallels of cells, like 18650 battery packs, 26650, 21700, and 32700 ones, aiming to meet customers’ unique demands.

What’s more, we take care of battery energy storage systems from lifepo4 battery replace lead acid, from 12V series, 24V series to 48V series, as well as home wall-mounted energy storage.

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We manufacture 18650 battery pack, 21700 battery pack, lifepo4 battery replace lead acid, home wall-mounted energy storage system in China.

How we make lithium battery pack

18650 battery pack process flow: cell selection, circuit design, assembly, aging. It may provide proper charger for battery. The production standard can be UL, IEC or GB based on your requests.

18650 Cell with holder

18650 battey pack manufacturer

Adding BMS/PCM

18650 battery pack

18650 Battery Wrap

custom 18650 battery pack

Energy Storage System

Hlcbattery offers you the best and most efficient renewable energy storage solution.

home battery storage

Home battery storage system

Hlcbattery helps you control of your home’s energy with dedicated backup power and integrated energy management.

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LiFePo4 battery replace lead acid

A common desire nowadays is to replace a lead acid battery with LiFePO4 in a system which already has a built-in charging system.


BMS & PCM selection

PCM/BMS is the most important part of a lithium-ion battery. The functionalities of different lithium batteries all come down to the smallest details. To ensure the highest quality for every lithium battery in every batch, we manually check-in aspects:

Cell selection has a great impact on the 18650 battery’s work performance and life span as well as its size, which will directly result in customers’ application. That’s why we consider this inspection step very important.

PCBA plays an important role in the whole assembly process. As it works for over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit, over-temperature.

The last but not least, the assembly artwork shall keep them uniformity, such as voltage, resistance, and capacity.

18650 battery pack's PCBA
Shipping from China Factory Directly

OEM ODM Lithium Battery Packs Services

Info collection

Get the technical information what you have.


Evaluate the whole performance into mass production.


Make the battery pack samples within 7 days.


Both sides performance testing from customer and us.


Apply the relative certificates as customer needs.

Mass production

Get ready to bulk production within 15~25 days.

Knowing lithium battery knowledge

How to charge LiFePo4 battery

The answer is simple. Please try to get the appropriate lifepo4 battery charger. To meet LFP battery pack charge principle CCCV. Its constant current is recommended 0.2C rate. Its constant voltage is recommended 3.65V*X(X equals series number.) When it charges by 0.2C rate to 3.65V*X, it will return to constant voltage & current to charge. Once its charging current becomes to 0.1C or 0.05C rate, it is full-charged. People also called it trickle charge. Except the core solution of charging, please also pay attention to following points: Make sure the charger work well Please check whether the LiFePo4

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What is LiFePo4 battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery refers to a lithium-ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate as a positive electrode material. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have the advantages of high safety, long cycle life, rate discharge, high-temperature resistance, etc., and are considered to be a new generation of lithium batteries. Hlcbattery can provide customers with customized solutions for batteries, BMS (battery management system) and structurally integrated batteries to meet customers’ personalized power needs. Features of lithium iron phosphate battery Application field Power energy storage, special equipment, robots, AGV, rail transit, medical equipment, emergency backup, power communication, etc. Advantages of lithium

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How to ship energy storage batteries

Lithium batteries, as 9 types of dangerous goods, must be operated in strict accordance with laws and regulations for international export. When carrying out air transportation, sea transportation, road transportation and railway transportation, in order to ensure the safety of transportation, in accordance with domestic and foreign regulations and standards on the transportation of dangerous goods , it is necessary to provide relevant reports on the identification of UN38.3, UN38.3 test summary, MSDS, 1.2m drop test, air & sea, and iron cargo transportation report. Generally, the lithium battery factory will prepare below relevant reports before delivery. It can

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The customized lithium battery solutions and products are widely used in home energy storage and electronics devices power supply.

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